Disney Working On A ‘Grad Nite’ Movie Based On The Popular High School Gathering

Danny Cox

Disney is always coming up with new ideas for different movies and they have a huge library of different things to choose from with movies, park attractions, events, and much more. There are animated classics, live-action remakes, and attraction movies such as Jungle Cruise, but Disney has even more to choose from. Now, they are working on developing a movie based on the popular high school graduation event known as Grad Nite.

It isn’t yet known if the film they’re working on is for a theatrical release or a made-for-TV movie, but it certainly is an interesting concept. Grad Nite is when high school graduates get to take over a Disneyland park for the night to celebrate finishing this level of their education, and many stories have made their way out from it over the years.

According to Slash Film, the film is currently in development and the news first came from stand-up comedian and magician Penn Jillette. On a recent episode of his podcast, Penn’s Sunday School, actor and comedian David Wain stated that Disney is indeed working on the film for Grad Nite and that it will be aimed at that exact demographic.

“Somebody sent me a thing – Disney wants to do a thing where kids are stuck in Disney World on grad school night, and it’s like a teen [movie].”

Disneyland still has Grad Nite each year, but Walt Disney World ended its yearly event a number of years ago.

It is very early in the developmental stage of the Grad Nite movie that there is no word on who may direct or write the script or star in it. At this point, it is even possible that the movie may never happen since the idea hasn’t even been formally announced by Disney as of yet.

Once there is more time that has passed and Disney has put more thought into it, they’ll likely announce the project as being in development. Until that time comes, though, fans looking to see a Grad Nite movie will need to wait and hope that everything works out to make it happen. If you’ve ever been to Grad Nite at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you have to wonder just how much truth there will be to what happens in the parks when high school kids run the night.