Valpak Slips $100 Checks In Random Coupon Envelopes Nationwide, No Strings Attached — Don’t Toss It In Trash

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Are those blue Valpak envelopes that come to your home via the mail following a direct route to your trash? Are you one of those folks who just toss out the Valpak coupon offerings because you’re not a coupon person? If this sounds like you, it’s time to start browsing through those Valpak envelopes as checks for $100 will be tucked into random Valpak envelope mailers across the nation.

This is a promotion that Valpak has done before; in fact, they’ve mailed random $100 checks out since 1988. But that was in select markets only and for a short period of time. Now Valpak is taking it nationwide to every market it serves. This means if you get a Valpak in your mail, you have a chance at finding one of those checks, according to Fox News.

Last year Valpak did this $100 random check promotion in Grand Rapids. They slipped 36 checks into 36 random envelopes going to homes in Grand Rapids. When all was said and done, just six checks were cashed and the other ones probably saw their way into the trash.

People are leaving comments on the Valpak website regarding the checks they have found in their coupon envelopes and cashed, so there are some happy observant folks out there. The mindset behind this nationwide promotion is fairly obvious. This is one way to get folks to at least open the envelope and look inside, and while they are in there they might see a coupon or two that catches their eye.


Lia Jensen, with Valpak of West Michigan, told Fox News channel 17 in Michigan their reason for going with the promotion. She said it is “one way to thank the people who check out the coupons and encourage others to do so as well.”


The checks are made out to “cash” and you can take that cash and do anything you want with the money. The people from Valpak are hoping that the people who are lucky enough to get that $100 check in their mailer will spend it on one of the great companies that advertise with Valpak. The nice thing about the checks is that they don’t have to be spent at a designated location; again there are no strings attached.

So watch for those envelopes and don’t toss them out without giving them a good going over first. This promotion will go on through the rest of 2o18, so you have many more months of chances as the Valpak mailers arrive at your home. According to the Valpak website’s disclaimer, “Checks are randomly inserted. 1 in 50,000 envelopes has a $100 check inside.” Valpak sends out 39 million coupon envelopes each month and this promotion may just have a sizable portion of these folks waiting for that coupon mailer to arrive.