‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: A Returning Character Could Be Abigail’s Only Hope

Matt SaylesAP Images

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal that a former character is about to return to Salem, and they may hold the key to helping Abigail through her mental illness. As many DOOL fans know, Abby is currently suffering from a split personality disorder, which is causing her to have two alter-egos.

According to a March 29 report by SoapHub, Days of our Lives fans are about to see Abigail’s grandmother, Dr. Laura Horton, return to Salem. Laura is not only a psychiatrist, but she has also suffered from mental illness herself. Laura was even one of the people who helped Abigail through some of the darkest days of her life when she faked her own death after escaping from the mental hospital.

Now, Laura is back and she will likely be shocked when she finds out that her granddaughter is suffering from a split personality disorder, and that one of her alter-egos is named “Dr. Laura.” It seems that Abby is manifesting her grandmother through an alter-ego, and that could mean that Laura is really the only person who can help Abigail through this trying time.

Many Days of our Lives fans believe that Laura Horton is just what the doctor ordered to help get Abigail back on her feet again. Although Abby knows there is something wrong with her, her alter-egos have been taking over her body more and more and she has no memory of what is happening during that time. When Laura comes to town, she may immediately recognize what is happening to her granddaughter and be able to get her the help she so desperately needs.


89 percent of Days of our Lives fans polled believe that Laura (Jaime Lyn Bauer) will be the key to helping Abigail get her mental state in order. However, the rest of the fans think that Abby needs help from someone who is not close to her like Jennifer, Chad, and Stefan, which could mean another trip back to the mental hospital for her.

Days of our Lives can see how all the drama plays out when the soap opera airs weekday afternoons on NBC.