Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian Jealous Fight Rumors Soar: ‘Cosmo’ And Fans Ask If Kim ‘Ripped Off’ Kylie

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Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have faced rumors that they are fighting multiple times. Amid the joy that Kylie and Kim both are feeling over their new baby girls, Kardashian recently reportedly became judgmental about Jenner’s baby daddy Travis Scott, as the Inquisitr noted. There also have been allegations of a sibling rivalry involving reportedly jealous Kim and Kylie.

In recent days, Kardashian’s new cosmetics line has sparked those rumors of jealous fighting amid the two sisters once more. Kim is facing allegations that she “ripped off” Kylie Jenner‘s cosmetics queen crown, reported Cosmo.

When Kardashian first launched KKW Beauty, some fans attacked Kim with claims that she was copying Kylie’s makeup fame for profit. In Kardashian’s defense, the 37-year-old initially featured products that Jenner did not include in her Kylie Cosmetics line, primarily contour sticks.

Twitter Lights Up With Claims That Kim Kardashian Copied Kylie Cosmetics

But Kim’s newest products, which involve an eye-shadow collaboration with her famed makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, have gotten more fans believing that Kardashian is blatantly copying her 20-year-old sister Kylie’s cosmetics line, such as Jenner’s The Royal Peach Palette.

Turning to Twitter, some fans were blunt in their accusations about Kim copying Kylie’s eye-shadow palette and other products that Jenner launched weeks ago.

The eyeshadow hues look noticeably similar, as do the containers for the product line. And for fans trying to choose between Kylie and Kim, price doesn’t matter, because both Jenner and Kardashian are selling their eyeshadow palettes for $45. However, Kylie’s line came first, debuting in early January.

Feeling Peachy ???? Royal Peach Palette and Dirty Peach Lip Kit ???? @hellomelissao

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“Feeling Peachy,” wrote Kylie about her Royal Peach Palette product and Dirty Peach Lip Kit.

In contrast to Jenner’s peach-focused colors, Kim went for champagne hues. Kardashian offers 10 shades, while Jenner has 12. But similarities seem to outweigh the differences when it comes to how fans feel. Cosmo’s poll showed that the majority of fans feel that Kim “ripped off” Kylie.

Is Kim Kardashian’s New Royal Blue Eye Shadow Offering Identical To Kylie Jenner’s Product?

Some fans also checked out Kardashian’s beauty line on Instagram and had similar accusations, alleging that Kim’s products looked suspiciously like Kylie’s line, with the royal blue shade featured by both sisters coming in for special scrutiny.

Commenting on the rumors of a battle between the Keeping Up With The Kardashians sisters, the Insider also noted the allegations that Kim had copied Kylie’s cosmetics line.

“People think Kim Kardashian is blatantly ripping off Kylie Jenner with her new eye shadow palette.”

The similarities between Kardashian’s new and Jenner’s previously released eyeshadow palettes are so noticeable that there are two fan theories. Fans on one side believe that Kim is guilty of copying Kylie’s eyeshadow shades as well as her packaging.

Kylie Jenner debuted Kylie Cosmetics in 2016 after succeeding with her now-famous lipstick and lip liner, the Kylie Lip Kit.
Kylie Jenner debuted Kylie Cosmetics in 2016 after succeeding with her now-famous lipstick and lip liner, the Kylie Lip Kit. Featured image credit: Jamie McCarthyGetty Images for Yeezy Season 4

But those on the other side are putting a positive spin on the situation, advocating that Jenner and Kardashian come together and create a collaborative Keeping Up With The Kardashians cosmetics line.

Collaborating on the eyeshadow palette wouldn’t detract from Kylie’s throne as queen of the lip kit line. But a collaboration would help Kim with the negative feedback that she has received. In addition to allegations on Twitter and Instagram that Kardashian “ripped off” Jenner, Kim also has been criticized for having limited offerings.

Other harsh comments from Twitter fans about Kardashian’s new cosmetics included calling it “cheap” and “basic” as well as a “rip-off.” But as the Insider pointed out, Jenner and Kim have faced previous copy-cat claims. Last summer, some fans accused Kylie of copying one item in her swimsuit style line from Kardashian’s clothing collection. And when Kim recently chose a bright pink hue for her hair, she was accused of copying Kylie’s previously pretty-in-pink dye.