‘Counting On’ Fans Notice Michelle Duggar Breaking One Of Her Own Rules

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The Duggar family is as famous for having 19 children as it is for their strict rules governing how family members conduct themselves. Fans of Counting On have long been aware that hugging someone from the front is forbidden unless those doing the hugging are married or related. Instead, the family opts for what they call “side hugs,” and put a time limit on them for those who have not yet walked down the aisle.

However, the blog Keeping Up with Fundies noticed that Michelle Duggar, the family matriarch, actually broke one of her own rules in the most recent episode of the famous television show. When son-in-law Jeremy and daughter Jinger Duggar Vuolo returned to the family’s house for Joe and Kendra Duggar’s wedding, fans noticed that Michelle Duggar gave son-in-law Jeremy a forbidden front hug. One of the commenters jokingly called the hug “scandalous.”

Jeremy Vuolo has been noted as the “rebel” in the family, as he and his wife Jinger Duggar Vuolo waited over a year to announce they were expecting their first child. Since marrying Jeremy in 2016, Jinger has also done a few things that weren’t allowed when she was a child, such as wearing pants and showing her knees.

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Michelle Duggar has been known to be extra conservative on the television show and has been criticized in the past for some of her remarks toward sex. For example, Michelle has stated in the past that when a woman marries, she should always be “joyfully available” for her husband and has famously stated that Duggar women don’t “get headaches.” The word choice means that the Duggar women don’t ever refuse their husbands sex or are never “not in the mood.”


She is also fairly conservative in her dress, as she has been seen wearing swim skirts and leggings to the pool or beach. On a past episode of 19 Kids and Counting, she accidentally bared her knees when going wakeboarding. When she noticed this had happened, she asked the film crew to blur them out in post production, as she has stated that she doesn’t really like for people to see her knees.