Millennial Pink Minnie Ears And Spirit Jerseys Set To Be The Next Big Craze At Disney Parks

Danny Cox

When it comes to being trendy and keeping up with the latest crazes, Disney is one of those companies that makes sure to stay on top of everything. Spirit jerseys and Minnie ear headbands are every single place you look while in the Disney Parks, and this spring will feature the next big color, which is sure to sell out quickly. If you’re someone who needs everything that has to do with the latest trend, you’re going to want to grab hold of these “Millennial Pink” items as soon as they hit stores.

The rose gold trend went nuts for quite a while with the Minnie ear headbands being sold out left and right throughout Disney Parks. After that, the rose gold spirit jerseys arrived and they were being snatched off of shelves quickly for a while before it finally died down.

After that, the Disney Princess spirit jerseys came out in four different characters and guests lined up on the morning of their arrival at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. It’s only a matter of time until other princesses get their turn at being honored with a spirit jersey of their very own.

As reported by the Disney Parks Blog, the next big trend is getting the spirit jersey and Minnie ear treatment, and “Millennial Pink” will hit Disney Parks very soon.

A millennial pink headband is going to be the first trendy purchase to arrive and it will debut at the World of Disney in Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort on Sunday, April 1, 2018. By mid-April, additional locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will begin to carry the headbands.

Jeanne Lewis works for the Disney headwear development team and she was the one behind the rose gold headband that went so crazy with guests. Lewis states that with each new color and trend, there is new work to be done.

“We experiment with popular color trends when designing merchandise for Disney Parks. With its soft, blush hue, millennial pink is one of the hottest colors in the market, making the new headband an on-trend, must-have item for springtime visits.”

By mid-April, the millennial pink Minnie ear headbands will see spirit jerseys in the same color for sale to guests. Both of these items will be able to be paired with the millennial pink MagicBand, which was just released within the last couple of months. The Disney Parks are going to stay on top of every popular trend and make sure that if you’re posing for social media, you’re doing it in Disney merchandise.