Chipotle Has The Healthiest Fast Food: Weight-Loss Surgeon

A doctor who practices in the field of bariatric surgery claims that the Chipotle Mexican Grill franchises have the healthiest menu of any fast-food restaurant.

Matthew Weiner, M.D., is a big fan of Chipotle, according to the Benzinga website:

“As a surgeon who specializes in bariatric (weight-loss) surgery, Dr. Weiner has spent his life studying how food affects the human body. In his new book, A Pound of Cure: Change Your Eating and Your Life, One Step at a Time, he demonstrates a style of eating that he says can bring about the same metabolic changes seen after gastric bypass surgery.

“When he does go to a fast food restaurant, Dr. Weiner turns to Chipotle …

” ‘I think they do a great job,’ he said. ‘As far as fast food restaurants doing local sourcing and looking for quality and healthy ingredients, I think Chipotle is above anybody.’ “

Business Insider notes that “it’s relatively easy to eat healthy at Chipotle. Customers can order salads, grilled meat and brown rice.” But a McDonald’s Big Mac apparently has less fat, sodium, cholesterol, and carbs that a Chipotle burrito according to The Atlantic.

Dr. Weiner added that in general eating at a restaurant offering vegetarian cuisine is highly recommended:

“I think any place that does vegetarian cuisine is an excellent place to go out to eat because they’re gonna do things with vegetables that you would never think about. It’s great to go there and say, ‘Hey, look at this! I can do this at home!’ I think you’ll come up with better, healthier ways to eat vegetables. So I’m a big proponent of vegan or vegetarian [restaurants].’ “

Do you eat at Chipotle, and, if so, what is your opinion of the food there? Do you agree that it offers the healthiest fast food?

[Image credit: tacvbo]