Man Steals Steak And Wine From Walmart To Impress Lady

James Flenniken of Manatee County, Florida has been booked on charges of stealing steak, wine, and beer from a local Walmart. His reason? To impress a lady, of course.

Tasked with making dinner for an upcoming date, Flenniken decided the best way to impress his lady friend would be with steak, wine, and beer. Unable to pay for his $80 worth of groceries, Flenniken stole them instead.

The Huffington Post has picked up the story from the Bradenton Herald, which reports that Flenniken was caught fleeing by Walmart’s loss prevention officer. When police showed up, Flenniken informed them he stole the food and beverage to “impress a lady.”

Flenniken was charged with petty theft. There are no details about how his date went.

Of course, Flenniken is not the only person to try to impress a date in less than traditional ways or even get a date. During the BCS National Title game, Arizona Cardinals linebacker Darnell Docket asked out Katherine Webb, a.k.a. Miss Alabama, via Twitter after hearing Brent Musburger gush about her. What was Docket’s ideal date? Wingstop and a strip club. His tweet has since been removed but can still be found on MSN.

Unfortunately, Docket did not hear the part where Musburger said Webb was Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend.

At least Flenniken’s mishap didn’t take place on a such a public stage. That and he at least had the date to begin with. Docket was just hoping to get a date.

What other odd dating mishaps do you know?