‘One Piece’ Chapter 900 Spoilers: Germa 66, Sun Pirates Defeated, Thousand Sunny On The Verge Of Destruction

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One Piece Chapter 900 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will feature an unexpected turnaround in the epic battle taking place in the Whole Cake Island. Will the Strawhat Pirates suffer a massive defeat at the hands of Big Mom?

The spoilers posted on Reddit for One Piece Chapter 900 started with Charlotte Chiffon thinking about Sanji making the delicious wedding cake intended for Big Mom. Chiffon recalled Sanji having a big grin on his face despite knowing that the fate of the kingdom and his life depends on the taste of the cake. Black Leg is confident that the lady Yonkou will have an “expression of happiness” on her face once she eats the cake.

As expected, Big Mom likes the cake Sanji made and said, “It’s so delicious, I could die.” Charlotte Perospero and the others are relieved that Capone Bege didn’t put poison in the cake. They informed everyone in the Whole Cake Island that it was Lady Pudding who saved the country from Big Mom’s tantrums. Alone in the corner, Pudding murmured to herself that it was really not her who made the cake.

One Piece Chapter 900 will show more of the Sun Pirates in action. In the previous chapter, Wadatsumi and other fishmen appeared to clear a path for the Strawhat Pirates. Alladin, the new captain of the Sun Pirates, told Luffy to take care of Jinbe. However, the Big Mom Pirates led by Oven won’t let the invaders leave the island alive, especially after learning about the defeat of Charlotte Katakuri.

Oven used a technique called “Nekkai Jigoku” which means boiling hot ocean sauna. The attack easily defeated the Sun Pirates, letting the Big Mom Pirates go after the Strawhats again. It was not only the Sun Pirates who are defeated but also the Germa 66. Judge is currently surrounded by two mysterious and powerful character who could possibly be Big Mom’s children.

Big Mom Pirates’ main ship, “Queen Mama Shante,” will be having an appearance at One Piece Chapter 900. They will destroy everything in their way, while Big Mom enjoys eating the wedding cake. While singing, Linlin remembered the last time she celebrated her birthday with Caramel.

One Piece Chapter 900 hinted at the potential destruction of the Strawhat Pirates’ ship, The enemies fire cannonballs at Thousand Sunny and seems like they succeed to obliterate it. Only the Strawhat Pirates flag was seen in the water as Big Mom omits the word “delicious” while watching ships sink covered in fire.

One Piece Chapter 900 will be coming out soon.