Family Of Kidnapped Na’illa Robinson Believe She Knew Her Abductors

The family of Na’illa Robinson, the five-year-old girl who was kidnapped in Philadelphia earlier this week, believe that three people were involved in her abduction.

They also think that Robinson, who was discovered at around 4.40 am by a man who heard her screams in the park, knew the veiled woman who took her. Robinson was found half-naked and shouting for help, proclaiming that she had escaped from the people who took her.

However, the New York Daily News has reported that the woman who took her was working with two men and that she was a “stranger” to the girl

Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sharif Ali, stated, “Na’illa’s very smart. She ain’t gonna walk away with a stranger. I think she knew her, whether she recognised her face or she said something familiar that would have made Na’illa feel safe or that she was being taken home. Otherwise she wouldn’t have gone.”

He also added, “But she shouldn’t have got out the door anyway,” making a reference to the schools obvious error not to check the identification of the kidnapper, who told them that she was the girl’s mother.

The head of the Philadelphia Police Special Victims United, Captain John Darby, has confirmed that Robinson wasn’t a random victim, as the woman went directly to her classroom and asked for her by name.

Robinson was only wearing a black t-shirt when she was found underneath a jungle gym. She has since been examined for any signs of sexual abuse.

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