Amazon Creates Partnership With France's Largest Grocery Chain Monoprix

Anthony Carranza

Shopping for groceries in France is about to get a transformational experience. Amazon announced on Monday that it was partnering with one of France's enormous grocery store chains, Monoprix, according to Reuters. Products will be sold to customers in Paris through Amazon's Prime Now service this year.

Amazon's partnership with the French grocery store chain is bound to have an impact. In addition, the joint venture will force the country's food retail industry to rethink its approach since the competition is about to get a lot more interesting.

Amazon a year ago acquired Whole Foods Market Inc. for $13.7 billion. Forbes reported that it signaled the company's diversification into the food and retail industry. The news of the acquisition forces French retailers to really focus on improving online offerings.

"'Thanks to this unique partnership between Amazon and Monoprix, Casino Group reinforces its omni channel distribution strategy,' Jean-Charles Naouri, chief executive of parent group Casino, said in a joint statement with Amazon."

Officially Amazon is working with Monoprix, but it's also working with another French competitor. Leclerc, the country's largest food retailer in terms of market share, has linked in recent months with Amazon. As reported in the Reuters news release, Leclerc has run the Amazon Prime Now delivery service in Paris since 2016.

As reported by France 24, France lags far behind the U.S. and Britain when it comes to online grocery sales. Also, the retail market industry is undergoing changes since the market has been overwhelmed by the growth of online and organic grocery sales.

It will be interesting to revisit later this year how business is evolving in France, as well as what sort of revenues Monoprix is able to generate in light of the collaboration with Amazon.