Queen Elizabeth Might Skip This Part Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding, Says Royal Expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding is fast approaching and many are anticipating Queen Elizabeth II's participation on the forthcoming big day.

And while the monarch has been vocal about her support of the couple, there's one part of their wedding that she might skip altogether -- at least according to royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Nicholl revealed some interesting details about Meghan's blossoming relationship with the Queen, especially now that she's about to be an official member of the royal family.

According to the famed royal expert, Queen Elizabeth is very supportive of Prince Harry's relationship with Meghan, despite the fact that her "past doesn't look so great on paper."

She pointed out that the monarch feels like Meghan has been a "positive person" in Prince Harry's life, which is what's important to the Queen.

Nicholl also reiterated that Queen Elizabeth has a close bond with Prince Harry, adding that Her Majesty could "never say no" to her grandson. In fact, the royal expert told the outlet that the doting great-grandmother has been "very accommodating" to the couple and even encouraged them to plan their wedding as they want it.

"She has said to the couple, 'This is your wedding, this is your day. Plan it as you want it.' [This] is very generous because, don't forget, the queen is opening up her home."
Queen Elizabeth has been known to have a close relationship with Prince Harry.

Despite all that, Nicholl suggested, that doesn't mean the monarch will participate in all parts of the upcoming royal wedding. Apparently, the Harry: Life, Loss, and Love author is convinced that the Queen is likely to skip one crucial part of the big day.

Nicholl claimed that Queen Elizabeth might not attend the evening reception of Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding, especially if the Spice Girls are performing.

She noted that the Queen is unlikely to hit the dance floor and dance to any of the girl group's classic songs, InStyle reported.

"She's going to want to be a very important part of that day and indeed she will," Nicholl claimed. "But I think when it comes to the evening reception and certainly the party, if the Spice Girls are performing then, I don't think the queen's going to be on the dance floor."

The Queen reportedly told Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to plan their own wedding as they wish.

It can be recalled that former Spice Girls member Mel B seemed to confirm last month that the group would be reuniting at the royal wedding. She even suggested that they will be performing for Prince Harry and Meghan, as well as the guests during the reception.

However, such claims have yet to be officially confirmed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot on May 19 at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. After the ceremony, the couple is expected to have a royal procession from the chapel to the Castle Hill out of Windsor.

The horse-drawn carriage will also pass High Street through Windsor Town before returning to the castle.