‘Melania Trump Wields So Much Power, Especially If She Decides To Leave The White House,’ Says Mika Brzezinski

Manuel Balce CenetaAP Images

First Lady Melania Trump is in a very powerful position right now, at least according to Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the popular MSNBC Morning Joe show. Mika not only spoke about Melania being able to make a choice that could stop President Donald Trump right “in his tracks on many levels, especially if she decides to leave the White House,” but Joe Scarborough also noted that all the insiders they have spoken with claim all roads lead to Melania when it comes to President Trump’s behavior and silence as of late.

According to Raw Story, Scarborough and Brzezinski referenced Trump’s inaction lately when it comes to speaking out against the accusations being leveled against him by adult film star Stormy Daniels. According to Joe, “Everybody that we’ve spoken with over the past three or four days, trying to figure out what’s going on in the White House all go back — it all goes back to Melania Trump.”

However, it was Mika that brought up the notion of Melania leaving the White House, and what a powerful move it might represent. As seen on the verified Mika Brzezinski Twitter account, Mika retweeted the tweet below from a Twitter user who surmised that Mike knew something about Trump that she wasn’t articulating at the time, but was “dying to speak about.”

Whether that alleged additional information will see the light of day soon remains to be seen, but Brzezinski also pontificated about Melania potentially having signed a non-disclosure agreement, reports Raw Story, during an earlier Morning Joe segment.

Scarborough, meanwhile, noted that “so much of the inaction you were seeing and so much of the fear you were seeing coming from Donald Trump has to do with Melania Trump and the consequences on both their personal life and also their political life — mainly for Donald Trump, their political life.” Joe also mentioned talk of how any prenuptial agreement that Melania may have signed might be having an impact on her husband’s choices.

Melania’s prenup could be Trump’s fear, as reported by the Inquisitr, based on the terms contained therein.

Scarborough’s guest host noted that Melania’s prenup could be why Trump “is concerned about the timing of these allegations.” The panelist asked, “Where do they fall in the arc of his relationship with Melania Trump and what legal implications might that have for whatever prenup he certainly has with his current wife?”