WWE News: Referee Got Involved In Huge ‘SmackDown Live’ Dark Match After Television Show Ended


Tuesday’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live featured plenty of action and surprises during the show, but once it had ended on TV, fans in attendance saw another big match. There are usually “dark match” bouts held either before or after the various television shows such as Raw and SmackDown Live. On Tuesday night, a six-man tag match was the one that took place, and it featured the WWE Champion as part of the action, along with several other superstars.

Sportskeeda‘s Pratyay Ghosh reported that the dark match had WWE Champion AJ Styles team up with The Usos to take on the team of Baron Corbin, Aiden English, and Rusev. It was an interesting mix of superstars, with some of them also having matches during SmackDown Live. Several of those superstars will be involved in prominent WrestleMania 34 matches in a few weeks from now too, as Rusev was just added to the United States title match and Baron Corbin is part of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The Usos and AJ Styles also have title matches on the card, while Aiden English will probably get inserted into that battle royal too.


Meanwhile, in the dark match that took place off television, an interesting finish came about, and it didn’t just involve the superstars on the winning team. The referee also played a part, and not just by counting the pinfall. Instead, referee Danilo Anfibio took his shirt off and delivered the superkick on Rusev just as The Usos hit double superkicks on English and Corbin. From there, Styles played the part of the referee to count a pinfall that Anfibio took on Rusev for the win.

A fan’s video popped up on Twitter showing the dark match finish off. Danilo is also on Twitter and has shared quite a few of his own funny moments with different WWE stars including Nia Jax and Sasha Banks, as seen below.


It’s unknown at this point if Danilo Anfibio is planning to participate in more matches, but at the very least this gave fans in attendance a fun close to the show that they probably weren’t expecting. It also provided fans with a look at AJ Styles in action as well as The Usos, as none of these superstars were in matches during the SmackDown Live show. WWE definitely makes sure fans get their money’s worth at most events!