Carrie Underwood Is Still Filled With Anxiety Over Her 'Horrible' Facial Scars, 'Hollywood Life' Reports

Carrie Underwood remains racked with anxiety and insecurity over her facial injuries and is working with an entire team of doctors to address potential scarring, a new report claims.

The actress and singer has remained largely out of the public eye since she suffered serious injuries following a fall in November 2017. Carrie has only shared a handful of pictures from after the injury and has not yet made a public appearance, leading to rumors that she was dealing with serious injuries and a long recovery. And a new report from Hollywood Life claims that Carrie Underwood is suffering emotionally as well as physically.

The report claims that Carrie Underwood has been working with the "best dermatologists in Beverly Hills" to address what was described as the "horrible scar" on her face after the injury. Underwood has reportedly been battling insecurity over her different appearance, but the work she has done with her team of doctors have proved valuable in making her feel more comfortable, the report added.

While she works with doctors on the physical side of her recovery, Carrie Underwood has also pulled together a support team of sorts, a source told Hollywood Life.

"Along with her doctors, Carrie has been consulting with her glam squad, updating her routine, to better deal with the imperfections left by her injury," the source continued. "With the right makeup and contouring, Carrie looks as beautiful as ever. She knows she can't live in hiding forever, so Carrie is doing everything she can so that the imperfections on her gorgeous face will be hardly noticeable when she makes her public comeback."

But there could be another reason that Carrie Underwood is hiding from the public. A new report from Life & Style magazine claims that the singer is actually pregnant with twins and has been trying to lay low in the early phases. A source said she and husband Mike Fisher have been trying for another child and that Carrie has wanted to more kids since welcoming son Isaiah in 2015. They took Carrie's break from the public as a chance to start trying again, the report claimed.

While it's not clear if there is any truth to the claim that Carrie Underwood is pregnant, the report noted that friends are buzzing and have noticed that she has put on weight lately. It is also unclear when she plans to make her first public appearance since her fall in November.