Mariah Carey Engaged: Proposed To Bryan Tanaka With Love Song Ahead Of Wedding Date, Claims ‘Hollywood Life’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Mariah Carey seems to have had her wedding plans thought out before she had even proposed to her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka.

The singer is said to performed a love song for her beau of two years, with lyrics that question the choreographer on whether he would want to marry Carey.

According to Hollywood Life, Mariah penned the song herself, and while her fans have not heard it, just a few weeks back was the first time she had performed it, but only in the presence of Bryan.

Sources allege that Tanaka was in complete awe of the song, let alone having Mariah Carey dedicate an entire track just about him was moving to him in itself.

Mariah’s song proposal couldn’t have been clearer to Bryan Tanaka: the 47-year-old wants to tie the knot and get married with her boy toy. And if fans thought that Mariah was going to stop after the proposal, they are mistaking, as an insider adds that Carey is running all the plans for the wedding.

While it was only said to have been a few weeks back when Mariah was alleged to have popped the question, the “We Belong Together” hitmaker has already made plans to tie the knot in Maui, where she had first gone public with her relationship to Tanaka.

Mariah is already looking at wedding dresses and finalizing on the amount of people she will want at the ceremony, which she would have to start locking down now, if fans are to believe that she will walk down the aisle in May, as the report claims.

Right now, getting married in the next two months would definitely be a goal for Mariah Carey, but if all that she wants at the wedding can’t be done in such short amount of time, the “Beautiful” songstress will postpone her plans until Christmas.

Should Mariah pull through with the process of getting married to Bryan Tanaka, this would be her third time walking down the aisle, having previously been married to Nick Cannon and Tommy Mottola.

The insider concludes by saying that Carey is completely serious about her future with Bryan.