'Bering Sea Gold' Captains Scramble To Find Gold During The Summer Season

Charlinda Robinson

As more areas are tapped out in the Bering Sea, it is becoming more difficult for dredge captains to find the elusive gold deposits that could make them rich. On this season of Bering Sea Gold, there will be both old and new faces competing to find the most gold. The captains and their crews will hold nothing back this season as they pull out all the stops in their quest to bring home the gold.

The Futon Critic shared that returning captains Shawn Pomrenke, Emily Riedel, Kris Kelly, and George Young plan to head further out to what is described as the "wild west" waters of the Bering Sea. Their plans may hit a snag in the form of newcomers Ken Kerr and Dave Young, who are bringing the 600-ton monster dredge the Myrtle Irene into the mix. They hope to unseat Shawn Pomrenke (aka Mr. Gold), who currently holds the title of King of the Bering Sea. Shawn is working on his own mega-dredge, but for this season, he will have to use the Christine Rose.

As the only female dredge captain, Emily has proven that she can handle herself. This season on Bering Sea Gold, she definitely needs to turn things around since her winter season was a rough one. She has big plans for her dredge the Eroica, she wants to dive deeper than any other mining operation in search of a big payoff. Running the dredge out in deeper water will have risks, as weather conditions and other issues can make it not only difficult but dangerous to mine that far out in the Bering Sea.

George Young will be returning as well, but first, he agrees to do some prospecting for Ken and older brother Dave. While he prospects for them his own dredge, All About Nuggets, is sitting idle. Before long, he decides to head back out on his own quest for the gold.

This season promises some of the highest gold totals ever, and that means it will most likely be the bigger dredges that will bring in the high figures. There will definitely be competition between the Myrtle Irene and Christine Rose, and it remains to be seen who will be the victor. As for the smaller dredges, the captain who comes out on top will be the one that is able to find the gold quickly during the extremely short season, while avoiding constant breakdowns and interruptions. A little luck never hurt, either.

Bering Sea Gold is produced for the Discovery Channel by Original Productions, which is a Fremantle Media company. Executive producers for Original Productions are Thom Beers, Sarah Whalen, Ernie Avila, and Jeff Meredith. Executive producer for the Discovery Channel is John Slaughter, with Jessica Mollo serving as the associate producer. Bering Sea Gold premieres on Friday, March 30 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.