'My 600-LB Life' Sarah Update: See If The 24-Year-Old Has Weight-Loss Pictures To Share

Sarah is among the youngest people to ever appear on My 600-LB Life, and now fans are hoping for a positive update --- and some weight-loss pictures --- from the 24-year-old desperate to torn her life around.

Sarah's story is similar to many others who have been featured on My 600-LB Life --- a difficult childhood combined with disordered eating led her to top 600 pounds in her early 20s. But Sarah is resolute in her weight goals and determined to make changes, TLC noted, which is a positive sign for those hoping to see some weight-loss pictures after Sarah appears on My 600-LB Life.

Sarah lives with her grandmother, who helps the 24-year-old keep better track of her eating. As Monsters and Critics noted, Sarah already weighed 200 pounds by the time she was 8-years-old and was 400 pounds as a teenager. But she is already at work turning that around --- Sarah already lost 30 pounds so she could have gastric bypass surgery, with hopes of dropping significantly more weight after that.

But viewers hoping to see a full update from Sarah after My 600-LB Life are left waiting until the show airs. TLC has been careful not to let too much information slip out before the episodes are actually out --- to the point that they did not release the last name of Robert Buchel in pre-promotional material to conceal the fact that he died of a heart attack while the show was in production, USA Today noted.

Despite the tragedy, nearly all others who appeared on My 600-LB Life this season have made significant progress afterward, even those portrayed as "difficult" patients like Lisa Fleming, who sparred with family and doctors but still went on to drop hundreds of pounds after she appeared. There is high hope that Sarah's determination before appearing on My 600-LB Life will lead to more weight loss for her as well.

Those hoping to see an update or weight-loss pictures from Sarah after she appears on My 600-LB Life will have a few outlets, however. There is a space for photo updates on the show's official page, where TLC often shares weight-loss photos from subjects. You can also keep check back here after the show airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET for any further updates.