‘Roseanne’ And Trump Politics A Winning Combo — Cancellation Cries Muffled By Colossal Ratings

Richard ShotwellAP Images

The numbers are in for Tuesday night’s primetime TV ratings, and it looks like the debut of Roseanne with Roseanne Barr’s Trump-loving antics may just blossom into a goldmine for ABC. The ratings were overwhelming and the number of people who tuned in to watch Roseanne is astronomical, according to reports.

It’s been almost three decades with a couple of new generations spawning since the original Roseanne graced the screen. The nation is more primed today than it has probably ever been for a show dealing with what the typical working-class American family deals with on a daily basis, especially when it comes to dinner table politics.

As Fox News mentions on their on-air coverage Wednesday afternoon, Roseanne and her sister are still going at it like they did on the original show. Unlike the old days of Roseanne, politics are now woven into the grain. An earlier article from the Inquisitr reports there are “growing calls” for the network to “axe the show” due to Roseanne’s support of Trump being vocalized in the show.

People have taken to the social media sites demanding the show be taken off the air but the ratings emerged, demonstrating how this one show put ABC way on top Tuesday night. Roseanne gave the network enough of a boost all by itself to make ABC the hands-down winner of Tuesday night’s ratings. Not to mention how it also gave the show that followed a bump up in the ratings as well.


The show had 18 million people gravitate to its one-hour reboot debut and they got an unbelievable 5.1 rating out of the key demographics, which is that coveted 18-49 age group, reports the Hollywood Reporter. This is what networks dream of. With ratings like this, their prices for advertising during this show can skyrocket. As the Hollywood Reporter suggests, the $175,000 for a 30-second commercial spot on last night’s show may look like a bargain of things to come if this show continues its ratings stamina.

For a comparison, last night The Voice captured a 1.6 rating in second place, which means Roseanne blew them out of the water. Roseanne stood as an entity on its own when it came to putting ABC on top for Tuesday night. But it also provided quite the segue for Black-ish, the show that followed the debut. It was like giving Black-ish a “shot in the arm,” suggests the Hollywood Reporter. That show more than doubled their recent scores, racking up a 2.6 rating for last night.

The Business Insider describes how Roseanne “tackles the American political divide over Trump head-on and fans have mixed feelings.” They also report that a lot of the fans of the original show found the reboot portraying Roseanne Barr as a Trump supporter a bit upsetting.


Some folks only saw Roseanne Barr as a Trump supporter on last night’s debut. Others saw Roseanne the show as a venue to be applauded for depicting scenes from an American family not usually shown on TV these days. This goes for both Trump supporters and Trump’s critics, which is seen on the social media sites today, like Twitter. The tweet below seems to some up what was indicated in many comments online today. When it comes to Roseanne the show — “It depicted the reality of a family with different political views.” The stories have been out there since Trump was elected, stories of husbands and wives, sisters and brothers, best friends, and even neighbors at odds over the political scene in the country today.


The nationwide phenomenon of Trump critics not talking to the Trump supporters in their family or circle of friends has been going on for quite some time. Most everyone knows someone that has the problem of Trump supporters shutting out family or friends who are anti-Trump and vice versa. This show opens up the dialog for this.

While the critics are asking for the show to go away, the “rating blockbuster bonanza,” as Neil Cavuto from Fox News dubbed Roseanne, looks like it is here to stay. The people applauding this show appear to be muffling the cries. asking for the show’s cancellation today online. It’s all about the ratings and the discussion broadcasted via Fox News today suggested if the ratings are there, the network will go for it. It looks as if many people believe Rosanne is here to stay, for a while anyway.