Convicted Pedophile & Former Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle Wants Trump To Help Him Get Out Of Prison

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Ever since Jared Fogle was sentenced to prison, he has had a legal team trying virtually everything to get him out of serving his time. The former Subway spokesman and convicted pedophile has found his time behind bars to be traumatic, and he is convinced that the conspiracy charges to which he pleaded guilty were trumped up. Since his conviction on child pornography charges, Fogle’s wife has divorced him, so it is just the former Subway spokesman and his legal team fighting to free him. But now his lawyers are calling in the big guns and contacting Donald Trump.

Jared Fogle Is Trying Another Legal Hail Mary To Get Released

TMZ reports that Fogle’s legal team are now taking some desperate measures to get him out of federal prison. Fogle and company have filed a writ of habeas corpus, which means that they have appealed to the warden (or the people holding him) to release him. They have gone through several courts and a handful of judges to get Fogle released, and nothing worked.

Now Fogle is calling on several authorities, including the president, in an effort to get out of prison. The legal team says that the conspiracy charges against him were bogus, and they want a response from the warden and Donald Trump.

TMZ, which is run by attorney Harvey Levin, suggests that only thing that the former Subway spokesman could get from Trump is a pardon, but as a convicted child pornographer, that’s a long shot.

Jared Fogle Could Seek A Presidential Pardon From Donald Trump

Obviously, nobody wants to be locked up behind bars, but Jared Fogle has had some extra struggles as a pedophile in prison, as child predators tend to have a target on their back. Fogle has now been beaten up more than once, and back in 2016, he took a severe beating at the hands of another prisoner, Steven Nigg, 60.

According to prison officials, Fogle got banged up, while Nigg only had a sore hand.

“Fogle got a cut lip, bloody nose, and a swollen face. It seems that Nigg got a sore hand from beating up Fogle.”

Steven Nigg approached Jared Fogle in the prison yard and attacked him. Nigg says he was upset that so many pedophiles are in the minimum security prison.

Jared Fogle Needs To Serve Most Of His 15 Year Sentence Before He Is Eligible For Parole

The Washington Examiner says that Fogle can reach out to Donald Trump if he wishes, but it likely won’t change the former Subway spokesman’s circumstances. Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years and eight months in jail, and he needs to serve 13 years before becoming eligible for any kind of early release, including house arrest.