Melania Trump Was ‘Braced’ For Stormy Daniels Affair Claims In 2010, But Donald Denied Sex, Says ‘In Touch’

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Stormy Daniels’ claims of an alleged adulterous affair with Donald Trump in 2006 may not have come as a surprise to Melania Trump. According to In Touch Weekly, Trump prepared Melania for news about adulterous affair claims way back in 2010, but Trump “told Melania that while he had known Stormy, he never had an extramarital affair with her. Melania chose to believe him then, and continues to now.”

The publication quotes a long-term friend of Trump, Federico Pignatelli, as saying that Melania is very much in love with President Trump, and that she has allegedly put her faith and trust in him in spite of claims from Stormy on 60 Minutes stating she can describe Trump’s private parts as proof of their alleged affair.

Federico claimed that Melania “really doesn’t care,” not “at all” about the scandal involving Stormy, despite the constant presence of the latest twists and turns in the case involving Trump and Stormy and lawyers dominating the news cycle. As reported by the Inquisitr, Stormy’s lawyer has asked a judge to get Trump and Michael Cohen on record in a deposition to explain what they knew about the $130,000 paid to Stormy as part of a “hush agreement.”


While Trump has insisted via his White House spokesperson that an adulterous affair with Stormy did not happen, Federico is claiming Melania doesn’t care about the melee. Melania “is very in love with her husband, and she believes her husband,” said Pignatelli.

Whereas Melania and Donald have yet to speak publicly and directly address the Stormy situation, Pignatelli — a friend of Trump for almost 30 years — claims that Melania knows “her husband likes women” but claims that “Melania believes her story is wildly exaggerated.”

Stormy passed a lie-detector test in 2011 when detailing the alleged affair to In Touch Weekly.

Federico previously told the press that the 47-year-old Melania felt pressure to be a perfect first lady, reports Life & Style Weekly — a woman who “always has to be kind, perfect, well-dressed, well-everything.” Federico called Melania’s “tough schedule” something that was “tiring.”

With Federico’s latest claims about Melania allegedly not caring at all about the growing drama with Stormy and her husband, it’s not clear if the first lady mirrors those sentiments.