LAPD Says Corey Feldman Has ‘No Indication Of A Laceration’ After Claim That He Was Stabbed In Murder Attempt

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Corey Feldman has claimed that he was stabbed in an attempted homicide attempt. The former child star, best known for the 1980s films The Lost Boys and Goonies, took to Twitter to allege that he was attacked by an unknown assailant while sitting in a car in Los Angeles. Feldman even posted photos of himself in the hospital with his wife, Courtney Ann Mitchell, by his side. But now, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department says Corey Feldman has no visible injuries and that the case is not being treated as an attempted homicide.

Hours after Feldman’s post, LAPD spokesman Luis Garcia told the Hollywood Reporter that Corey Feldman claimed he was stabbed, but that the actor has no injuries and no superficial scratches on his body at all.

Police also told Fox News that while Feldman claims the incident is being investigated as an “attempted homicide,” that is not the case. Officer Garcia told Fox News that while Feldman was stopped at an intersection Tuesday night, he claims an unknown male made a stabbing motion at his stomach and fled the scene.

“Upon the investigation [it was] determined there were no lacerations to his abdomen,” Garcia said.

The LAPD spokesman also revealed that Corey Feldman was unable to describe his alleged attacker or the weapon to police.


Corey Feldman claimed he was stabbed with an unknown object after three men approached his car as he waited at a stop light in the San Fernando Valley. Corey reportedly drove himself to the hospital after the alleged attack.

In a series of tweets about the alleged stabbing, Feldman attributed the attack to a “vile wolfpack” that is out to get him. You can see some of Corey’s tweets below.


Corey Feldman has made headlines recently for speaking out about alleged pedophiles in Hollywood, and this is not the first time he has alleged that someone tried to kill him over his name-dropping. Last year, after he announced a plan to create a documentary about the rampant sexual abuse in Hollywood based on his first-hand experiences, Corey Feldman revealed that he had received multiple threats on his life and alleged that he had a “near-death experience” upon announcing his movie project when two trucks came at him and tried to run him over.

You can see Corey Feldman talking about his plan to make a documentary about Hollywood’s pedophilia problem in the video below.