Savannah Guthrie Says ‘Sorry’ For Accidentally Dropping S-Bomb Live On ‘Today’ Show [Video]

Craig RuttleAP Images

Savannah Guthrie accidentally cursed live on TV during the first hour of the Today show, when Today came back from a commercial break — immediately after a promo for Jesus Christ Superstar ran on Wednesday, March 28. Jesus Christ Superstar Live is a concert scheduled to air on Easter Sunday, April 1 on NBC. However, NBC obviously had a SNAFU when Guthrie was displayed looking down and reading during the break, not knowing she was live on air, immediately saying “Oh s**t” before her microphone was cut.

As can be seen in videos of Savannah cursing on Twitter, Guthrie appears to be reading paperwork and searching for information after audio revealed Savannah cursing.

As Guthrie obviously didn’t know she was accidentally live on Today when she said the curse word, the sound was cut off but lip reading reveals Guthrie saying “I’m sorry guys, I’m trying to find it.”

Savannah continued to mouth certain words that couldn’t be deciphered yet, all without ever looking up at the camera to realize that she was live on TV.

Many television markets cut to commercials or their local news, with some stunned news anchors wondering what they just witnessed Savannah utter on Today. The reactions to Guthrie’s “Oh s**t” moment feature Twitter users and social media mavens tsk-tsking the news anchor’s “potty mouth” and quipping that Savannah taught young children a new word live on TV.

Other folks are joking that Guthrie might have been looking over the March Madness brackets when she cursed on TV. A different meme suggests that Savannah uttered the type of language one might speak when they realize it’s only Wednesday. Some are criticizing Guthrie’s potty mouth, which came directly after a promo for a holy program.

Another social media user joked that the Today show #OrangeRoom trending segment should include the trending topic of Savannah’s cursing.


Ultimately, Savannah took to Twitter to apologize for her mistake. As seen in the above tweet, Guthrie tweeted that she was “so sorry,” all the while thanking viewers for being “kind and understanding.” Guthrie joked that it was a good thing that she doesn’t walk around with a microphone all day long.