Kylie Jenner's Diamond Engagement Ring Photo From Tyga On Instagram And Twitter Posted On December 25?

There's a new photo that was published to Kylie Jenner's Instagram account that has the online world buzzing. That's because this Instagram photo from King Kylie has people wondering if the 18-year-old Kylie is now engaged to her on-again, off-again boyfriend Tyga. The fact that Kylie posted a photo of a female hand gripping the wheel of a Range Rover, which sports a huge diamond ring -- but on the right hand, not the left hand -- has folks speculating whether or not Jenner is set to marry Tyga. It's a notion as confusing and conflicting as the duo's relationship.

Kylie: "🎅🏽" #Instagram #JennerUpdates

— UpdateJenner (@UpdateJenner) December 25, 2015

As reported by the Daily Mail, wearing a would-be diamond engagement ring on Kylie's right hand -- if the rock featured is a real diamond ring -- means that Jenner might have accepted a ring but not a marriage proposal. Or, it could be Kylie's Christmas gift to herself. The Instagram photo does not come with a description, so Kylie's fans are left to wonder if Kylie will be getting married anytime soon.

On Twitter, Kylie's diamond ring photo comes with the simple description of "Merry Christmas," and it's unknown whether it's a real diamond. The Twitter photo also shows the huge ring being sported on the right hand of the person wearing the ring, so if it is a gift from Tyga, one wonders if Kylie feels she's too young to get married at 18-years of age.

On a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie could be seen dotting on Tyga, and bringing him a plate of food whilst on vacation. Meanwhile, Kylie's sisters bemoaned the fact that they wouldn't have as much time to spend alone with Kylie on the would-be "girls trip," but Kris Jenner told her daughters to give Kylie a break, since it would be the 18-year-old's first time to bring a boyfriend along on vacation. Kendall Jenner seemed especially bothered by the fact that Kylie was spending so much time with Tyga instead of Kylie's sisters.

Kylie explained away the controversy over her relationship with Tyga by claiming that Kylie and Tyga were just friends, but since she turned 18, Kylie decided to explore a relationship with Tyga.

Prior to Kylie posting the photo of her potential diamond engagement ring, which received 784,000 Instagram likes in three hours, Jenner's biggest buzz involved selling out of her "Lip Kit By Kylie" lip kits, which were a big sensation. But the biggest news of the day on Christmas was whether or not Kylie would be married anytime soon, after the possible diamond engagement ring photo went viral on Instagram.

Another Instagram photo posted by Kylie showed she and Tyga sharing a kiss during Kris' Christmas Eve party. For some reason, that photo of Kylie and Tyga kissing was deleted from Instagram, however a photo of Kris, Kylie, and Drake in the Hidden Hills was posted on Instagram -- and not deleted. The Instagram photo of Kylie and Tyga kissing was captured and reposted by other Instagram accounts, so it will live on in infamy.

The photo of Kylie and Tyga kissing seemed to put to rest the rumors that they duo had broken up. Now that the kissing photo between Kylie and Tyga has been posted to Instagram, the rumor mill is back in full swing that the duo are very much together. The potential engagement photo that could mean another wedding is set to hit the sweeps week episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians shows that Kylie and Tyga could be taking things a lot more seriously than the reports of a "lighter" relationship that's been bandied about online.

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