Corey Feldman Stabbed, Hospitalized After Murder Attempt, According To Mirror

Mandy Robinson

Reality star and singer Corey Feldman has been stabbed, according to Mirror.Co. Corey is known as a child actor, who then turned reality star, but lately, he has been focusing on his music. Corey has been in the news for the fact that he is finally coming clean about several people who molested him and other young Hollywood stars, years ago. He has appeared on Dr. Oz and even had the courage to name a few of the people.

Corey went to his Twitter this morning and shared pictures, saying that this attack happened while his security guards were distracted. It sounds like Corey has been taking them with him lately to be safe. Corey is saying that this is a "revenge attack" for everything he has been speaking out about lately with the sex abuse allegations.

Corey Feldman was out in public when the attack occurred. Three men came up to him and then a fourth one showed up in a vehicle. Corey was in a vehicle as well when it happened and somehow they were able to open the car door and stab him. It is being reported that the police in Los Angeles are now investigating this as an attempted homicide. At this time, it has not been revealed what they stabbed him with or what kind of injuries Corey sustained from the attack.

After the first post, Corey went on to explain that on social media he has been getting threats by the "vile wolfpack." Corey didn't say who this is exactly, though. He thinks that this is connected to the attack that happened to him. In the picture, you can see that his wife Courtney is by his side at the hospital, but she was not with him when the attack happened luckily.

TMZ shared a few more details stating that the attack happened in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley while Corey was sitting in his car. The men fled the scene after stabbing Corey and at this time it doesn't sound like anyone is in custody.