'Roseanne' Star Confirms That D.J. Conner Married The Classmate He Refused To Kiss In Original Series

Victoria Miller

Roseanne is back, and there are plenty of Easter eggs for fans as they get reacquainted with the Conners, 21 years after the original series wrapped. Dan (John Goodman) is alive, the house looks the same, and Darlene (Sara Gilbert) even lives at home.

But it has been two decades, so things have changed for the Conners, most notably son D.J. (Michael Fishman), who is now married and has a young daughter. In the first episode of the Roseanne reboot, "Twenty Years to Life," it was revealed that D.J. recently came back from a tour in Syria with the Army. D.J. returned to his Lanford hometown with his daughter Mary (Jayden Rey), who he shares with his wife, Geena. It was also revealed that D.J.'s wife Geena is still serving overseas. Nostalgic Roseanne fans may recall that Geena Williams was the name of the black classmate that D.J. refused to kiss in the 1994 Roseanne episode, "White Men Can't Kiss."

Longtime fans of the original Roseanne took note of the name of grown-up D.J.'s wife, with many viewers posting to Twitter to ask if this was the same Geena that D.J. went to school with. Roseanne star Michael Fishman later responded to confirm that D.J. did indeed marry his schoolmate.

"Yes, D.J. grew up and married Geena! #Roseanne," Fishman posted to Twitter after the first episode of the Roseanne revival aired.

Roseanne and Dan were not on the same page when it came to talking to their son about the race issue. The Conner matriarch (Roseanne Barr) later dropped one of the most memorable lines from the episode as she told her son: "Black people are just like us. They're every bit as good as us, and any people who don't think so is just a bunch of banjo-picking, cousin-dating, barefoot embarrassments to respectable white-trash like us!"

"That was something that I always wanted to do because of DJ not kissing a black girl [in season seven]. So that's important to me," Barr told THR. "I like diversity, and it's so much a part of the working class where it is not so much part of middle-class stuff. And I know so many people who have mixed families."

"We all want to, definitely," Barr said, according to TV Insider. "We had such a blast. And it was just so fun to be together again … we remember all the old jokes and all the old things that we used to do and they were so funny and still fun."

Roseanne airs Tuesdays at 8 pm. ET on ABC.