March 28, 2018
Danica Patrick And Aaron Rodgers Romance Heating Up With Marriage Likely, Reports 'Hollywood Life'

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are the couple everyone in the sports world is watching. The pair have been enjoying one another's company a lot since the new year started. On Monday, Danica posted photos of her with Aaron at her 36th birthday party. A source close to the couple filled Hollywood Life in on how they're doing and reveals they see a long-lasting future together, and that "includes marriage."

"Aaron is having the time of his life right now with Danica," the source said. "He's truly never been happier and loves the connection that he and Danica share and enjoys her down-to-earth demeanor and laid-back approach to everything."

The insider adds that the race car driver is enjoying her retirement with the NFL star and has more free time to travel to his games. They enjoy competing with each other and Danica makes her man laugh.

"She's funny and super competitive with him, which he loves because he hates losing at anything and she pushes him even in their workouts," the source shared. "That turns him on a lot because she goes the extra mile to make sure she puts on a show for him."

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are "equally crazy" for each other, according to Hollywood Life. The site's source went on to say that Danica told Aaron at her birthday party how she feels about him.

"At her birthday, Danica told Aaron that her feelings for him are completely real and she definitely sees a future for the both of them," the source claimed. "Aaron was reassured by this and feels a lot better about their relationship and whatever comes of it going forward. Including marriage."

A source told People magazine in February that Patrick and Rodgers are "really into each other" and have the same outlook and goals in life. They share a lot in common being athletes and love to compete.

In January, Danica Patrick confirmed to The Associated Press that she and Aaron Rodgers are "dating." They kissed in front of the cameras before Danica raced in the Daytona 500 last month. The lovebirds went on a steamy trip to Mexico and were photographed cuddling while enjoying the sunshine. They were also seen making out and looking at photos on their cell phones together.

Danica, who's preparing for her second final race in May for the Indianapolis 500, said she and Aaron met at the 2012 ESPY Awards. The Green Bay Packers quarterback split from Olivia Munn last April after being together for three years and Danica and her boyfriend, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., broke up last fall.Aside from their romance going strong, Patrick is gearing up for the Indy 500. She's been sharing photos on social media of her seat fittings and is pumped to win the race. She crashed her car and ended up in 35th place in the Daytona 500, which wasn't how she envisioned ending her NASCAR career. But Danica told Yahoo Sports that it's all "part of the gamble" when that type of thing happens. It can go "so well" or "go awful," she said. Danica has a second chance to finish strong in her second leg of the "Danica Double," however.Aaron Rodgers will most likely be there to cheer on Danica Patrick when she races in Indy on May 27. Fans will be eager to see if he gives her another good luck kiss before the race.