Woman In ‘Romantic Sexual Relationship’ With Brother For Years Has His Child

Lake County Jail

A woman reportedly in a sexual relationship with her brother has been arrested after giving birth to his child. According to the New York Post, Pauline Elizabeth Martin and her brother had been in an incestuous relationship for five years. Martin told investigators that they had been living as a couple for three years when she moved to Florida to be with him.

Authorities claim they began investigating the 33-year-old cashier after the baby born in November was noted to have serious medical complications. The infant was transported to Winnie Palmer Hospital for Children for specialized care, where genetic testing at the Orlando hospital, unearthed the parents of the infant as having close biological relations.

Another red flag that had made authorities suspicious, as reported by Daily Commercial was the dilly-dallying overfilling the infant’s birth certificate. Hospital staffers had contacted the Florida Department of Children and Families after Martin repeatedly refused to fill out the father’s information on her Medicaid application and was not keen on obtaining a social security card for her child.

The state Department of Children and Families hounded Martin for months before she filled the birth certificate. The information she provided corroborated the DNA results from the hospital.

Authorities interviewed Martin at her workplace, where she purportedly admitted to an incestuous relationship with her sibling who is presently on the run. The 33-year-old woman claimed she last had sex with her brother, March 21. Martin, who has a 12-year-old son from another man, alleges that was she was on the verge of ending the relationship because it was wrong.

Pauline Elizabeth Martin was arrested Friday for resisting without violence and incest. She was released the next day on a $3,000 bond and is penciled to appear in court, April 16.


This is not the first instance of an incestuous relationship between a sister and her brother. A story by Fox News details how a brother and sister are fighting Germany’s incest laws after having four children together.

The couple argued that Germany’s incest laws were primitive and smacked of Hitler’s infatuation with racial purity. The siblings and their supporters are asking Germany to tow the line of the Netherlands, France, and Belgium where incest is no longer considered a crime.

A Fox 2 story recounts how a sister fell in love with her brother after her boyfriend cheated on her. The 17-year-old girl had gone to her brother’s room sobbing in the middle of the night, wondering why there were no men like her delectable brother. A sexual relationship soon ensued between the pair which saw them move to another country, where people think they are married.

In Chalena Mae Moody’s case, she was in a relationship with her father. According to the Daily Mail, Eric Lee Gates has fathered two children with his daughter.