Anna Faris ‘Not Sure’ About Marriage After Chris Pratt Split, Blames Self For Creating ‘Perfect Couple’ Image

Michael BucknerGetty Images

Looks like Anna Faris is not open to the idea of getting married anytime soon. The House Bunny star, who ended her marriage with Chris Pratt last year, is reportedly not sure about taking that journey again in the future.

Speaking to Dax Shepard for the latest episode of his podcast Armchair Expert, the 41-year-old actress opened up about her thoughts on tying the knot again after being in two failed marriages.

Anna admitted that at this point, she’s not sure if walking down the aisle once more would be a good idea for her, People reported. Apparently, the Scary Movie actress wants to figure out the purpose of it before jumping into another marriage.

The mother of one pointed out that getting married is easy but getting out of it is quite challenging, especially for a celebrity like her.

“For me, I’m just not quite sure where it fits, especially when it feels so easy to get married, and then the untangling — when the state gets involved.”

Faris then told the actor-host that there is the “importance” of how other people treat a married person than someone with a boyfriend or girlfriend. She added that being labeled as married makes other people respect a relationship more.

During the interview, Anna also admitted that the fans’ reactions to her split with Chris somehow irked her. The actress revealed that she and her now ex-husband struggled with how the public viewed their relationship, making the breakup even harder.

Faris explained that people see them as #RelationshipGoals and even branded them as Hollywood’s perfect couple. However, she claimed that it was actually far from reality.

Apparently, when news of their split went public, the ex-couple was pretty frustrated when fans proclaimed that “love is dead.” Anna claimed that she somehow felt guilty about letting people down when her marriage with Chris ended.

She even blamed herself for creating the “perfect couple” image on social media, claiming that they only shared the good side of their relationship, InStyle reported.

“I think what we were also guilty of — we obviously cultivated something and it was rewarding for a while. It was like ‘People seem to think we got all this s**t right.'”

“We intentionally cultivated this idea of like, ‘Look at this beautiful family,'” Anna added. “There were so many moments that were like that but like anything on social media… you don’t post like, ‘Where the f**k is the toilet paper?!’ or whatever.”

Faris was first married to actor Ben Indra from 2004 to 2007. After her divorce, she was then married to Pratt from 2009 to 2017. The two share a son together, five-year-old Jack.

Currently, Anna Faris is dating cinematographer Michael Barrett. Meanwhile, it remains unclear if Chris Pratt is dating anyone at the moment.