'Infinity War' Directors Post Hilarious Poster Of Hawkeye After Fans Demand To See The 'Missing' Avenger

Abi Ong

When Marvel released new posters for Avengers: Infinity War this week, fans asked one nagging question: Where in the universe is Hawkeye? The pioneer Avenger has been suspiciously missing from the upcoming movie's promotional materials -- from posters to trailers -- making fans worry about the character's fate. The movie's directors have obviously heard the clamor for Hawkeye and they had the best response to crack up the fans!

As reported by ComicBook, Joe and Anthony Russo, the Avengers: Infinity War directors, changed their Facebook cover photo on Sunday following the release of Marvel's new official posters. The Russo brothers posted an all-Hawkeye poster made by online fans.

The fan-made image shows Jeremy Renner's bow-wielding character in different poses, replacing all the other superheroes in the original official poster. Thanos is seen in the background, implying that expert marksman Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, will be the only one to defeat the villain in the end. Clearly, it's a hilarious take on Hawkeye's possible role in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

While the Russo brothers did not make any mention as to why Jeremy Renner's character is visibly absent from Infinity War promos, they previously commented about Hawkeye's involvement in the upcoming movie. According to ComicBook, the directors stated that the superhero will be taking a "different path" following the storyline of Captain America: Civil War.

"Hawkeye coming out of Civil War is in the same position that the Cap and Falcon are in at the end of that movie," Joe Russo reportedly said.


And coming into this movie, the characters who are on Cap's side are coming out of Civil War, some made certain decisions and others made other decisions that led to different paths and them dealing with oversight in this movie in a different way. So, Hawkeye's on his own journey in this movie.

Hawkeye was first introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a brief appearance in Thor(2011). While he does not technically have superpowers, the expert marksman is known as one of the best and loyal S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who became part of the original Avengers squad, along with Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, and Black Widow. Since then, he has appeared in almost all major Avengers films, such as The Avengers (2012), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and Captain America: Civil War (2016).