Kelly Ripa Tormented Online For Scanty Bikini Pic, Hubby Slaps Back With More Photos

Kelly Ripa is slammed online for her bikini pic but folks swoon over her shirtless hubby Mark Consuelos -- what's up with that?

Kelly Ripa is slammed online for her bikini pic but folks swoon over her shirtless hubby Mark Consuelos -- what's up with that?

Kelly Ripa is 47-years-old and for some reason, there is a group of folks online who think that a woman of this age is too old to don a bikini. When Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos, 46, recently posted a picture of his wife in a tiny bikini on Instagram, the online world swooned over how great she looked. That is except for few folks who found plenty of fault in Kelly’s body shape and attire, according to Fox News. This opened the floodgates for the trolls.

An earlier article from the Inquisitr reports how the “body-shaming trolls hopped online and went after Kelly and her bikini-clad photo. They even made a few attempts to shame her husband as well for posting the photo. But when Kelly posted a picture of a shirtless Mark on her Instagram account, the comments about his photo said nothing negative. People told Kelly what a lucky lady she was to have such a “hunk” for a husband. Both Kelly and Mark’s photos are seen below in this article.

Kelly and Mark are very much in love, which an article from Hollywood Life describes today. So when the nasty comments started coming out of the woodwork from that Instagram post, it not only was aimed at Kelly, but Mark felt it too. As some of the commentators mentioned, not all people seem to realize that despite Kelly and Mark’s high-profile celebrity status, they have feelings too.

One Instagram comment that stood out from the rest was directed at Mark. It was a kind attempt at making sense of the horrific remarks written about Kelly. They wrote, “The ones that tell your wife, she’s too old, she needs to eat, she has boy body, are the very same people that have a million insecurities.” But according to Fox News, “that didn’t stop Consuelos from posting more pictures on his Instagram story, with one simple word spread across the steamy photo: ‘Yep.'” That photo is seen below in this article after the bikini photo of Kelly that started it all.

Kelly and Mark have been married 22 years, which is almost an impossible feat when it comes to celebrities. These two are more than an average married couple, according to Hollywood Life. Kelly and Mark are still madly in love with each other after all these years. These two are very passionate individuals and that works well for them both in and out of their bedroom. So when one is attacked online, it appears they both feel attacked.

The Instagram photo of a shirtless Mark Consuelo below gathered different comments than what Kelly Ripa’s Instagram photo harvested. People saw him as a “hunk” and there was no mention of him being too old to don a swimsuit.

Both Ripa and Consuelos shared numerous photos of one another while on a recent vacation. Kelly posted photos on her Instagram account and Mark posted vacation pics on his Instagram account as well. It was the photo where he gushed over “her rock hard abs and sultry bikini bod,” that put the trolls in motion. He decided to fight fire with fire and share a few more pictures of his wife on Instagram, with “Yep” along the bottom of one of the pictures of Kelly in a bikini. That photo is seen below.