MLB News: 'Game Of Thrones' Coming To Ballparks

MLB news again includes HBO's Game of Thrones. The revelation was made on Tuesday (March 27) that the partnership between Major League Baseball and HBO will continue. A report by Variety provided details about the collaboration, which includes special Game of Thrones events this summer.

More than 20 MLB ballparks took part in cross-promotional activities last summer, helping bring people to the ballpark who might not typically attend games. The report by Variety stated that the idea was such a success in 2017 that it has returned to ballparks again. Some of the lures that MLB teams used included player and mascot bobbleheads, video board games, special food and drinks at the concession stands, and co-branded T-shirts and caps.

Twenty-one teams are participating in Game of Thrones nights at MLB stadiums this year. A website was set up by Major League Baseball to showcase those teams and help sell tickets to the applicable games. Teams that will be participating in Game of Thrones nights include the Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, and Philadelphia Phillies. It's possible that more teams and ballparks could decide to get in on the action, but currently, the Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees aren't taking part in the cross-promotion.

At one point, during the 2017 Major League Baseball season, San Francisco Giants manager Bruce Bochy even conducted a post-game interview from the Iron Throne. That video became extremely popular on social media and is a great example of how the cross-promotion between baseball and Game of Thrones could work. On Tuesday, the Twitter and Facebook pages for MLB also began advertising for the upcoming events. The video seen above is just one example of what they are going to roll out in 2018.For the Seattle Mariners, the Game of Thrones promotion is on Monday, August 20. Safeco Field will host the Houston Astros and fans will receive a Game of Thrones Night bobblehead for attending the game. There will also be a chance to sit on the Iron Throne by purchasing tickets through a special online offer they are extending to fans. This is just one example of how teams are using the cross-promotion to their advantage. As far as MLB news goes, this is certainly going to be an exciting revelation for fans of HBO's Game of Thrones.