Stormy Daniels’ Eyes: Dilated Pupils During ’60 Minutes’ Get Big Buzz On Twitter

Damairs Carter/MediaPunch/IPXAP Images

Two days after adult film star Stormy Daniels appeared on 60 Minutes to talk about her alleged adulterous affair with Donald Trump, the fallout from the controversial and record-breaking interview continues to buzz across social media and beyond. As reported by the Inquisitr, some conservative Christian female Trump supporters went viral after calling Stormy derisive names, while S.E. Cupp advised Melania Trump to divorce the POTUS amid the Stormy melee. However, other viewers of Stormy’s 60 Minutes interview are talking about how Daniels’ eyes appeared during the taping.

On Twitter, the phrase “Stormy Daniels dilated eyes” appears in the social media network’s search engine as a suggestion, indicating a high level of interest and traction. As reported by the Daily Mail, some viewers are asking why Stormy’s pupils appear to be so large during the interview. Certain folks are taking to social media to accuse Daniels of using drugs, without any proof.

Social media users are sharing close-up screenshots of Stormy’s eyes, which appear to be of a light-blue hue, with large and dark pupils. The Daily Mail article has been shared nearly 2,000 times across social media websites and garnered more than 200 comments thus far.

Stormy’s dilated pupils, according to Business Insider, could be due to a number of factors, including sexual attraction. The publication reports that dilated eyes do not necessarily indicate drug use.

However, that’s exactly what some viewers are alleging in the wake of Daniels’ highly watched interview. Whereas some folks are coming to Stormy’s defense and writing that their eyes appear the same way and shouldn’t take away from her messages, others are using the notion of Daniels’ dilated eyes to insinuate much more sinister things.


Pupils can dilate when a person enters a dark room as the pupils adjust to allow more light inside.

The pupils of the eyes can also dilate due to pleasure – be it physical or mental enjoyment upon looking at an object or person that is deemed attractive. It isn’t always sexual attraction. Dilation can happen when a hungry individual looks at food they find delectable or when a woman views baby photos. There are also certain types of class A drugs that can cause a person’s eyes to dilate.