Joe Flacco Will Be Franchised By The Ravens, Probably

Joe Flacco has led the Baltimore Ravens to the AFC Championship Game for the second consecutive season. In five years in the NFL Flacco has taken the Ravens to the Championship game three times. What’s all this hard work going to get the impending free agent quarterback? A franchise tag.

The success of Joe Flacco has more often than not been attributed to his defense. The Ravens defense is so good Flacco can be a game manager and not have to “make” plays. Joe Flacco believes he is elite. He definitely has the resume to back up his claims.

Still, until he wins a Super Bowl and throws for 300 yards with at least two touchdown passes he will be seen as a game manager; A Trent Dilfer. Dilfer was famously cut from the Raven after leading them to their only Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

CBS Sports recently talked to an AFC cap specialist who believes Flacco won’t get the $20 million a year he’s looking for in his next contract. When asked how much Flacco can look to make in his next contract the specialist bluntly responds:


He then explains:

“We’re getting to the point where the Ravens are only going to ‘franchise’ him. All this does is ensure that they’re going to put the franchise tag on him, which translates to no more money and doesn’t change the equation of the deal.”

An agent for one of the NFL’s top quarterback was then asked what separates Flacco from the elite:

“Manning helped create the culture in Indianapolis when there wasn’t one. Brady saved (Bill) Belichick’s job when it looked as if he would be fired, and he helped create the culture there. And Drew Brees and Sean Payton helped create a culture in New Orleans when the Saints had nothing. So, now, what you must ask yourself is this: Did Joe Flacco walk into a good culture, or did he create it?”

Joe Flacco’s is a tale of two opinions: His and the rest of the football world. We will see what kind of player the Raven believe Flacco is when he becomes a free agent after the playoffs.

Do yo think the Raven should pay Flacco $20 million a year?