‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Hope Says Steffy’s Skanky Behavior Got Bill Shot

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The latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that Wednesday brings a heated confrontation between Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). The two have been circling each other like she-wolves but they haven’t gone in for the kill yet. In fact, Hope has been pleading Steffy’s case with Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) to encourage him to take back his wife. That will stop soon when Steffy makes it impossible for Hope to feel sorry for her any more.

Hope And Steffy Brawl This Week

On Wednesday, B&B spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that Hope and Steffy “clash over Liam.” Steffy comes at Hope at the worst time, and the good girl finally snaps. Hope has been biting her tongue and advocating for Steffy with Liam even though she’s disgusted by Steffy’s actions. As for Steffy, she’s terribly pushy with Liam and Hope. Steffy slept with Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) of her own free will, and now she’s pressuring Liam to forget it and move on with their marriage.

As Steffy confronts Hope at an awkward time, things finally explode. Steffy and Hope have both been holding back, but all that changes this week. Bold spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Hope and Steffy both make unpleasant accusations. They both resent each other, but neither wants to admit it. But that’s not all. Hope and Steffy accuse each other of lying and operating with ulterior motives. All of that is true, but Steffy and Hope don’t want to admit it to each other.

Hope Stuns Steffy With A Nuclear Insult

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that Hope thinks Steffy is the lowest of low for sleeping with her husband’s father. If it weren’t for Steffy carrying Liam’s child, Hope would tell him to dump her and run away as fast as he can. Hope has been holding back on her outrage ever since she came back to L.A., but this week, she lets the floodgates go. After what Hope says to Steffy, there’s no going back for these two. They won’t be able to play nice, and Liam will be caught in the middle.

Brand new B&B spoilers from Courier-Journal reveal this shocker. The outlet says that Steffy goes on the defensive when Hope says it’s Steffy’s fault that Bill got shot. Given the list of suspects and Bill’s recent actions, it seems that Hope hit the nail on the head. If it’s Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) that shot Bill, this is about Spectra Fashions because that’s why Bill lied about her health. But if Caroline isn’t the shooter, Bill probably took a bullet because he slept with Steffy.


After The Fight, Hope Goes For Liam!

So far, Hope has denied her growing feelings for Liam. She’s been very considerate of Steffy’s pregnancy and Liam’s fatherly responsibilities. But after she and Steffy exchange heated words, Hope is through fighting for Steffy’s marriage. During the week of April 2, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Hope finally comes clean and tells Liam she still loves him. Liam is drawn to Hope and may confess his feelings, too.

This week, Liam continues to be drawn to Hope while Steffy continues to repel him with her demands for forgiveness. Bold spoilers tease that Hope might wind up pregnant when the pair act on their feelings. Catch up on B&B scoop for the week of March 26, see when the shooter comes back to finish off Bill, and watch Thomas and Sally’s final episode on April 5. Watch CBS weekdays for new episodes and check back often for fresh Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and news.