'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan Reveals Season 4 Sex Scenes May 'Slow Down'

Outlander has become famous for its steamy sex scenes between Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) Fraser, but that might change moving forward. With production for Season 4 in full swing, Heughan dropped a huge spoiler about Jamie and Claire's sex life and teased that it might slow down a bit this season.

According to Express, Heughan and several members of the cast and crew of Outlander appeared on a panel in Los Angeles last weekend and dished on what's ahead in Season 4. The 37-year-old actor was asked about Jamie and Claire's relationship under the sheets and admitted that we might not see as many sex scenes from here on out.

"It's a very important part of their relationship. But without the tension of constantly being separated, or imprisoned, or nearly dead, things might have slowed down a little in that department," Heughan shared. "They're slightly older, so maybe it's less energetic, who knows? But they are madly in love with each other."
Heughan added that it will be nice seeing Jamie and Claire interact without worrying about some catastrophe splitting them apart. But he also assured fans that things won't be quiet for long. At some point in Season 4, Jamie and Claire will find themselves in the middle of some kind of adventure.The upcoming season is based on Diana Gabaldon's book, The Drums of Autumn. In the book series, Jamie and Claire eventually find themselves in the middle of the American Revolution, though that will probably not happen on the show until a little later down the road.

Meanwhile, we already know that some of this drama will center on Jamie's highly anticipated reunion with his daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton). During the panel, Heughan revealed that he was getting ready to film the pivotal scenes with Skelton.

While it's clear that Brianna will be traveling back in time to meet up with her parents, executive producer Ronald D. Moore teased that she might not walk through the Standing Stones to get there. Moore explained how Brianna's journey is different than the one Claire is on and that she uses a different way to get there.

With production underway, producers are starting to release some behind-the-scenes shots of our favorite characters in action. This includes a recent photo of Jamie and Claire riding horse-drawn carriage in America and a shot of Jamie doing his best to adjust to the New World.

Filming for Season 4 is expected to continue for several months.

As for Season 5, Moore is confident that the network will give them the green light to move forward with another season. He also hinted that the show's structure could change and revealed that they have talked about splitting a book up into several seasons or even combining them.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe return as Jamie and Claire Fraser in Season 4 of Outlander this fall on Starz.