‘The Walking Dead’ Remaining Episode Titles Revealed

The Walking Dead will once again keep viewers glued to their seats on February. New video trailers and spoiler alerts abound as we inch closer to the air date for the second half of Season 3. The Walking Dead remaining episode titles are reportedly now set in stone.

Although very little (in some cases very, very, little) information has leaked about the final episodes of the season, the title names give viewers an idea of what to expect when Rick and his group once again liven up Sunday evenings.

The first episode of the second half The Walking Dead Season 3 is reportedly entitled “The Suicide King,” according to Hypable. The Governor (played by David Morrissey) plans his attack on the prison refuge occupied by Rick Grimes’ (played by Andrew Lincoln) group. Although the one-eyed ruler of Woodbury may have a stellar attack plan, Rick’s gang just might beat him to the punch and launch their own assault first.

The second episode of the ladder half of The Walking Dead season is reportedly entitled “Home.” The February 24 episode of the AMC mega-hit series is supposedly called, “I Ain’t A Judas.” Hmm, the title could be a bit telling if we think really hard about which few characters have uttered the slang phrase during previous episodes.

The next two episodes of The Walking Dead are reportedly labeled, “Clear” and “Pale Horse.” On March 17, Episode 14 appears to harken back to some unfinished business from the first part of Season 3. The episodes is entitled, “Killer Within, Part II.” The next two episodes are reportedly called “This Sorrowful Life” and “Welcome to The Tombs.”

“Welcome to The Tombs” is the final episode of Season 3. The Walking Dead spoilers indicate that during the episode Rick determines that someone in the group has been tricking them, according to Examiner spoiler alerts. Someone in Rick’s group supposedly commits suicide, and the fearless leader who dazzles female fans when wearing “sexy dirt” blames Tyrese for the death.