Conservative Christian Female Trump Fans Watch Stormy Daniels ’60 Minutes’ Video As Trump Drawing Looms Behind / MediaPunch/IPXAP Images

CNN sat down with a group of conservative Christian fans of President Donald Trump, with Randi Kaye conducting the interview and getting the feedback of the women in Dallas after a viewing of Stormy Daniels’ interview on 60 Minutes, which aired on Palm Sunday. The footage, which can be viewed above, began with one female Trump supporter claiming that Stormy was enjoying her 60 Minutes interview “way too much.” The group gathered in a Dallas home that had a large black-and-white rendering of Trump in the background.

Quite a few heated responses are flowing into CNN’s report about the Trump supporters, as one woman accused Stormy of “shopping her story for money.” Others in the room full of Christian Trump fans derided Daniels’ value as a human being because of her profession.

“This is a porn star. Why are we giving it any credibility? The fact that she now wants to come out with her story because she’s afraid for her children? My goodness what did you tell the kiddos about your full-time job?” asked one of the women.

Whereas one blonde woman in the group admitted that her “heart hurts for her,” the others slammed Stormy as a woman seeking money and attention.

“I don’t believe she had sex with the president because I haven’t seen any hard proof,” said one.

“I wasn’t voting for a choir boy,” said another.

One Trump supporter claimed that Trump “had to change as a person in order to become a president,” and expressed her hopes that Stormy would change in the same manner that Trump has allegedly changed.

“Stormy Daniels, the way she’s leading her life, I wish she would turn her life over the way that Trump has turned his life over.”

Others in the room asked who folks would be more likely to believe, a “stripper porn star or President of the U.S.” The women claimed Trump’s position as president was God ordained and accused the media of “shopping for these people,” a notion they called “demeaning to our president.”

One woman blamed the media for defining the narrative.

“We the people are ready to define the narrative,” she said.

Another said, “In order for somebody to come forward, they have to be pushed,” calling it a big media plot to bring down Donald Trump.

She went on to say that journalists can “throw all that stuff up in our face as much as you want but we’ll work harder for Trump.” The hush money Michael Cohen gave was maybe a way of “doing a favor” for President Trump, even though the affair with Stormy didn’t happen, claimed one woman who theorized that Trump may not have known about it because his signature was missing on the NDA.

Another said, “Worst case scenario, if he slept with Stormy, whatever, that’s between him, the Lord and his family.”

Finally, a woman accused the reporter of “looking for a way to impeach my president.”