‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s Twisted Scam Leads To Morgan Recast Reveal

Todd Wawrychuk)ABC

New General Hospital spoilers say that Nelle Hayes (Chloe Lanier) will soon ramp up her scam against Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright). In this week’s ABC Soaps in Depth, an interview with writer Shelly Altman promises that when Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) decides to move out of the Q mansion, Nelle steps up “her plan to gaslight Carly.” Nelle is shoving Carly down a twisted path but new spoilers and rumors tease it might lead to a shockingly happy ending when all is said and done.

Will Jason Discover Nelle’s Treachery?

GH spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that Jason continues to be a strong resource for Carly to lean on, but he’s distracted by the race to find Henrik Faison (Peter August). Plus, there’s that little matter of Sam Cain (Kelly Monaco) telling him that she still loves him. If Jason was solely focused on the gaslighting and discovery of the bloody scarf, he’d figure out in no time that it was Nelle, but he’s stretched too thin and it could be quite a while before it dawns on him who’s tormenting Carly.

Spoilers from Soap Central tease that Nelle’s plans begin to unravel soon and she gets desperate. Nelle was spinning out when she saw Michael out on a date with the lovely nurse and made it a point to screw that up for him. Michael knows he’s got to keep his distance from Nelle if he’s got any shot at finding romance that she can’t sabotage. The nurse might have walked away, but Michael wants to make sure he won’t get rejected again once he finds someone else to date.


Bryan Craig Too Busy To Return

Although Bryan Craig is technically still attached to his CW primetime drama Valor, it seems its cancelation is inevitable. Headliner Christina Ochoa has a new show and Deadline reported last month that the former GH actor is checking into Grand Hotel. The nighttime soapie is produced by Eva Longoria and shooting in Miami. It’s clear that the ex-Morgan has no problem lining up work, so he’s got no time to come back to the ABC soap full time.

Even ABC SID, an outlet not prone to speculation, has hinted that Morgan may be recast due to Bryan Craig’s busy schedule. Soap Opera News reported that GH was auditioning actors for a role that sounded a lot like Morgan, but there’s no confirmation on that yet. But given how disturbing Nelle’s gaslight plot is, it would be a satisfying end result for fans if Morgan was found alive at the end of all this turmoil. After all, they never found a body — and this is a soap opera!

No One Is Searching For Morgan

General Hospital spoilers hint that when Jason sees Carly cracking under stress, he’ll finally decide he has to sort out this mess for her and investigate. It could be that Jason’s search for answers about the phone calls and bloody scarf will lead him to a surprising reveal. It’s a sure bet that Carly will eventually discover and expose Nelle’s outlandish scheme which will cause her to lose Michael for good. But will Jason find out something else along the way?

Past GH spoilers already showed that Morgan is alive. Remember the night that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) told Carly that their son was dead? The clip above, starting at the 1:20 mark, clearly shows someone looking in the window and observing Sonny and Carly in their grief. Considering that Morgan was in a bipolar spiral and deeply ashamed of himself at the time of his “death” him running away to give his parents peace of mind is logical.

That video of someone peeking after the car explosion was the promise to GH fans that Morgan is alive. When Jason goes looking for answers, it might be Morgan that he finds! If anything could redeem Nelle, it would be her scam leading to Carly getting back her son. Catch up on GH scoop for the week of March 26-30, see Jim’s terrible plans for Betsy, and the ugly harassment plot with Dr. Bensch. Watch ABC weekdays and check back often for more General Hospital spoilers and news.