Elizabeth Hurley Takes Break From Posting Instagram Bikini Pics To Stun In Sari For India Elephant Charity

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Elizabeth Hurley, 52, is known for posting photos of her bikini body on Instagram. But Liz took a break from those swimsuit pics to pose in an ivory-hued sari that sparkled with sequins. Hurley shared the stunning photo on Instagram with the caption “Balmy Bombay Night #india #elephantfamily.”

Liz donned the sparkling sari as part of her participation in a charity for elephants that is based in India, according to the Daily Mail. Hurley looked noticeably happier, compared to the horror that she experienced when she learned about the terrifying stabbing that hospitalized her nephew Miles, 21.

Elizabeth Hurley Looks Stunning In Smoky Makeup And Sari

Elizabeth participated on Saturday in the Help The Hathi event. The gala supported the India-based charity Elephant Family.

For fans accustomed to seeing Hurley without makeup or with minimal cosmetics in her famous bikini photos, Liz looked much different. Elizabeth opted for eye liner, eye shadow, pink lip gloss, and a bindi. Hurley let her hair flow loose in waves.

To complement her sari, Liz wore dazzlingly long earrings. She chose a red purse as an accessory. Turning to Twitter, Elizabeth shared a photo of her sari outfit and explained the purpose of her participation.

“At the #ElephantParade in Mumbai. #ElephantFamily exists to protect the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild,” wrote Hurley.


The statues aren’t just for show. The one by which Liz posed is among the more than 100 elephant statues that contribute to the Elephant Parade. The statues will be part of an auction for the elephant charity about which Hurley is so passionate.

The funds raised by the gala will serve to create 101 corridors in India for the elephants. By making these corridors secure, elephants can safely go to different feeding grounds.

Elizabeth Hurley revealed that her teenage son films her Instagram bikini photos.
Elizabeth Hurley revealed that her teenage son films her Instagram bikini photos.Featured image credit: KGC-146STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

According to the World Wildlife Fund, elephants as a species continue to be threatened by the destruction of their habitat as well as poaching. Elephants are valuable because they contribute to maintaining the forest for other species, playing a role in biodiversity.

Elizabeth Hurley Keeps It All In The Family, From Helping Nephew To Working With Son

Elizabeth has attracted a growing group of Instagram followers for her bikini photos. Hurley has become known as her own best model for her Elizabeth Hurley Beach style line, pointed out Yahoo.

But even though fans are stunned by Liz’s fabulous body at 52, Hurley emphasizes that she models her bikinis on Instagram for her business rather than her ego. As for whether Elizabeth plans to stop posting photos of her body in swimsuits on Instagram, it’s not likely.

Hurley recalls seeing a picture of Helen Mirren wearing a bathing suit when she was 60-plus. Liz believes she looked amazing, and believes that women of all ages can follow Helen’s lead.

Hurley has a 15-year-old son who has no problems with his mother’s revealing Instagram photos. The two are very close, and sometimes work together.

In addition to being close to her teenage son, Hurley reportedly continues to care for her nephew as he recovers. After spending time at a hospital in London, Miles currently is healing at Elizabeth’s home in Herefordshire, after being discharged from a London hospital. Hurley had been traveling prior to her nephew’s attack, but she immediately headed to his hospital bedside when she learned that he had been stabbed.

Turning to Instagram, Elizabeth thanked her fans for their “kind messages” after the news spread about his attack. Posting from India, Hurley shared that she continued to receive updates and urged everyone to work to make the streets safer.