March 27, 2018
'Vikings' Season 5B Star Clive Standen Teases Rollo's Possible Showdown With Ivar After Lagertha Reunion

The mid-season finale of Vikings Season 5 certainly brought back a key player in the History series. The return of Rollo in "Moments of Vision" teased on the possibility that the Duke of Normandy is planning something big on his trip back home. Interestingly, Clive Standen has offered some insight on what Rollo will be doing in Kattegat later this year, and his so-called "agenda" includes a tense encounter with Ivar the Boneless.

There is little doubt that Rollo is looking forward to seeing Lagertha again. After all, the early seasons of Vikings confirmed that Ragnar Lothbrok's brother had feelings for the former shieldmaiden. There have even been speculations that Lagertha's son Bjorn Ironside might actually be Rollo's child. Clive Standen teased on the possibility with ET Canada and even hinted on Rollo dealing with Ivar the Boneless in Vikings Season 5B.

Clive Standen and Katheryn Winnick were recently guests at the Royal Ontario Museum for the Vikings exhibit. Standen spoke to the news outlet about his character, stating that "you have to expect the unexpected with Rollo." The Taken actor teased on the Duke of Normandy's "agenda" being "never what you expect it to be" before revealing how he truly feels about Ivar the Boneless.

"I think that kid needs to be taken down a peg or two and he hasn't met his match yet and he just might have done with Uncle Rollo."
The statement is certainly a surprise for fans who assumed Rollo has left France to support Ivar the Boneless. After all, the Duke of Normandy had sent the Frankish reserves to Kattegat after he made a deal with Hvitserk in the first half of Vikings Season 5. However, Rollo did ask that Bjorn Ironside should be spared in the war. The request may have been a clue to Rollo's true motives once he returns to Kattegat. Ragnar Lothbrok's brother might challenge Ivar in order to save Bjorn and Lagertha from a grim fate.
The idea of Rollo taking over Kattegat sounds like a surprising but predictable move. Rollo has a long history of going against Ragnar Lothbrok, from agreeing to be baptized as a Christian to teaming up with Jarl Borg to battle his own brother in Vikings Season 2. He even commanded the French army that defended Paris against his fellow Northmen, a move that enraged Ragnar. Rollo might finally rule Kattegat now that Ragnar is gone.

Clive Standen as Rollo in Vikings Season 5

Discover Rollo's true motives when the second half of Vikings Season 5 finally airs on History later this year.