NFL Rumors: Texans Could Land Odell Beckham If Giants Will Accept 2019 Picks, Per 'FanSided'

The New York Giants have placed Odell Beckham sort of on the trade block as it was announced that the Giants want at least a first rounder for the All-Pro wide receiver. With a long list of suitors for his talents, Beckham will find a new home possibly before the 2018 NFL Draft. According to Matt Verderame of FanSided, the Houston Texans are a potential landing spot.

Imagine an offense that features Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, William Fuller, and Odell Beckham. As dangerous as they were when Watson was healthy, adding Beckham would put their offense in another atmosphere. The Texans would be like watching a Madden video game every Sunday.

For all the headaches Beckham has supposedly caused the Giants over the course of his career, he's done nothing but produce when on the field. The off-the-field and sometimes emotional outbursts could be tiring, but when a player catches 313 passes for 4424 yards and 38 touchdowns in only 47 career games, you find a way to deal with it.

What the Giants are also dealing with is the possibility that they will have to pay Beckham like an All-Pro. That's what this all will boil down to for Beckham, the Giants and whoever he gets traded to. Beckham has stated that he wants $20 million per season. Not only will that make him the highest paid receiver in the NFL, that means he will have to tone his actions down.


The biggest hurdle facing the Texans in trading for Beckham is that they have none of the assets the Giants want unless they're willing to take a rain check until 2019. As awful as the Texans were last season (due to injuries), they have no first-round pick to offer the Giants in 2018. Thanks in large part to Watson. In order for the Texans to draft Watson in 2017, they had to send their 2018 first-rounder to the Cleveland Browns which turned out to the No. 4 pick in this coming draft. To make matters worse, they also had to give away another pick just to get rid of Brock Osweiler as Verderame reports.

It's weird that the Texans' future is the reason Beckham might not make it to Houston.