‘Teen Mom OG’: Maci’s Ex Ryan Edwards And Wife Mackenzie Allegedly Expecting A Baby, Reports ‘The Ashley’

According to The Ashley, Chelsea Houska isn’t the only Teen Mom cast member to be expecting a baby. Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie Standifer Edwards, are allegedly also gearing up to be parents.

The media outlet stated that many fans thought that next week’s preview of Mackenzie showing a positive pregnancy test was a teaser for something else, like her announcing a friend was pregnant or she would potentially suffer a devastating miscarriage. But The Ashley can confirm that she and husband Ryan Edwards are expecting a baby. For both, it will be their second child, though their first child together.

Ryan and Mackenzie have been the subject of a lot of scrutiny during their time on the show and will likely face even more now that the news has broken. Ryan has admitted that at one point he had a several-thousand-dollar a month heroin addiction, though he allegedly got completely clean during a visit to rehab. Even though Ryan claims sobriety, many fans of the Teen Mom franchise were shocked to see him downing strong shots of alcohol before he walked down the aisle with his wife, Mackenzie. Though this was their second wedding ceremony, Ryan was not sober for either one.

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Ryan Edwards shocked fans of the Teen Mom franchise during Teen Mom OG’s last season when he was spotted driving high to his legal wedding with Mackenzie. As he drove on the freeway, he appeared to be dozing off. Mackenzie asked him if he had taken any Xanax, to which he stated he hadn’t. She then turned off the camera so that MTV would no longer be privy to what was happening inside the car.

Fans were shocked by the scene, and many blamed MTV for allowing him to continue to drive in that state. MTV responded saying that they could not see what was going on inside of the car in real time nor they would have forced Ryan to pull over.

MTV has been vilified in the past for allowing abusive or dangerous situations to continue on film, most notably when Amber Portwood choked and threw a TV at ex Gary Shirley.