Left 4 Dead 2 more like Lag 4 Dead 2, amirite

Well, this sucks. As I’m in the UK, I’m yet to receive my copy of Left 4 Dead 2 (hurrrry up, Royal Mail), but already people are complaining about an enemy feared by every gamer: lag. BOYCOTT!!

Specifically, it seems to be happening in the Xbox 360 version of the game. Has Valve underestimated how many people want to try and survive the zombie apocalypse?

Played online, the first Left 4 Dead ran with nary a hitch, but MTV’s Locke Webster reckons the 4v4 versus campaign is truly lagalicious:

“Every single person in the room displayed the lowest possible latency rating, and we were all jumping about and shooting rather aimlessly. We quickly exited and started up a new match, and that worked just fine.”

Yikes. Webster went on to reveal that he encountered seriously bad lag while playing a campaign alone: “I’m talking about at least a second between my input and response on screen.” Valve has apparently already released a patch for the game – possibly to deal with poor latency, nobody knows for sure – but here’s hoping it continues to address this issue.

Like, before I play, please.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]