MLB Trade Rumors: Giants’ Bumgarner Injury Could Create Trade For Mets’ Pitcher, Jon Morosi Says

Orlando RamirezAP Images

With a devastating injury to San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, it has created recent MLB trade rumors due to their need for another arm. The team is in a rough spot regarding their rotation due to having Bumgarner possibly out until June, and Jeff Samardzija also sidelined with an injury. Recently, Jon Morosi of MLB Network speculated on the fact they could try to do something with the New York Giants. However, Morosi has also cautioned that this may not work out unless San Francisco can make a great offer somehow.

Several days ago, Jon Morosi tweeted out his speculation that San Francisco could try to engage in trade talks for a starting pitcher from the New York Mets as they seem to have some available. He added that the Mets are “unlikely to make any such move” in that sort of deal with San Francisco. In addition, the Giants don’t have a whole lot to offer at this point in terms of assets they’d want to part ways with, putting them in a tight spot. Their rotation at the moment features starter Johnny Cuento along with unproven youngsters, which could mean another tough season for San Francisco fans to stomach.


Most of the top free agent pitchers have been signed by new teams with Yu Darvish joining the Chicago Cubs, Alex Cobb signing with the Baltimore Orioles, and Jake Arrieta becoming a member of the Philadelphia Phillies. One of the top remaining pitchers is Greg Holland, but the luxury tax situation makes it difficult for San Francisco to bring him on board. That’s why the trade speculation has popped up, but even that is tough.

It was mentioned by Bleacher Report‘s Jacob Schafer that one consideration might be Zack Wheeler. He was a former draft pick by the Giants back in 2009 going sixth overall. However, he was part of a trade two years later with the Mets where San Francisco acquired Carlos Beltran. Still, the Mets recently optioned Wheeler to Triple-A, so he could make sense for San Francisco. That said, they need to find a way to make the deal work.

MLB’s Opening Day 2018 arrives this coming Thursday with San Francisco scheduled for a road game at the Los Angeles Dodgers. Right-hander Ty Blach will get the start with Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw on the mound for the home team.