Joanna Krupa Jokes About Big Belly After Announcing Engagement, Reports ‘Us Weekly’

Joanna Krupa recently announced that she would be divorcing her husband, Romain Zago, after a few years of marriage. The two had gotten married on the third season of The Real Housewives of Miami, which also happened to be the show’s last season before being canceled by Bravo. While many people might have thought that Joanna was ready to take it easy now that she was getting divorced, it sounds like she’s been dating. Apparently, she’s already engaged to businessman Douglas Nunes, and she announced the news on Instagram this past weekend. But is there something else she’s hiding?

According to a new Us Weekly report, Joanna Krupa shared a picture of her big belly in an Instagram Live video. In the screenshot shared by the publication, Krupa jokes about someone having eaten too much. It sounds like she’s joking about having a food baby. In other words, she’s not sharing the news she’s pregnant even though she’s getting married to a new man who has been unknown to the public. Since The Real Housewives of Miami is no longer on the air, fans are relying on social media for the latest news from the reality star and model. Right now, she appears to be loving her new engagement.

Just another weekend in the Krupa-Nunes household ❤️???? @nunes451

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But one can imagine that fans would be happy for Joanna Krupa if she announced a pregnancy. It’s possible she wants to get married before getting pregnant, but she could want children of her own. She has been caring for her dogs and being a huge advocate for animal rights. It sounds like she and her future husband have that in common, as he appears to love her dogs as well. In their engagement news photo, they shared the news with her dogs in the background. No word on what her ex-husband, Romain Zago, has been up to since the divorce, but it doesn’t sound like the divorce was due to cheating. The two could still remain cordial with one another as they move on.