Hilary Duff Selling Used Shoes On eBay, Promises They’re ‘Not Too Smelly’

Hilary Duff is selling her old shoes on eBay, and the actress has a promise for the buyer — they’re not too smelly.

Duff is selling her shoes as part of a benefit for the Lancaster Opera house, and the shoes come with an autographed note from the actress.

Hillary Duff’s shoes aren’t the only thing on sale to benefit the Lancaster Opera house, E! News noted. The organization’s eBay page also has shoes from a number other celebrities, including a pair of heels worn by Martha Plimpton and white fringe boots worn by an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader.

This isn’t the first time that Hilary Duff‘s clothes have made headlines. In early December she tweeted a picture of her size 26 jeans, saying: “Yaaaa b****es! Gabe Johns you’re kickin my ass and its paying off! Skinny jeans! lets go!”

Duff went through a very public weight loss ordeal after having a baby this summer. She worked with Gabe Johns, a Los Angeles-based trainer who helped her kick the bay weight. The personal trainer and boxing instructor helped a detailed workout regimen, Us Weekly reported.

With Duff selling the shoes, anyone with some money to spare can find themselves in the actress’ Jean-Michel Cazabat wedge heels, which at the latest listing were going for close to $600. She also has a pair of stiletto ankle booties by Louboutin for sale. Duff has also promised that all the shoes are wearable.

Now that Hilary Duff is selling shoes, do you think you’ll pony up the money to buy a pair?