Massive ‘Perfectly Square’ Cloud With 90-Degree Corners Filmed Over Arizona Sparks Concerns Of Weather Control

A massive “perfectly square” cloud that was recently filmed over Arizona has once again sparked concerns about weather control by the U.S. government. The International Business Times reported on Monday that the video of the strange square cloud went viral on social media platforms as viewers try to explain what would cause the “weird” weather phenomenon.

The square cloud that was spotted in the sky over Arizona features perfectly cut corners at 90-degree angles, giving it the shape of a perfect square. An article on the Daily Star that was published last Thursday reports that the short video clip of the square cloud was first uploaded to Facebook and quickly went viral.

Of course, the recent “stunning video” of the square cloud above Arizona, as described by the paranormal YouTube channel Sandboxten, isn’t the first sighting of a perfectly square gigantic cloud. The Express reported on Friday that another YouTube channel called Sonofmabarker uploaded a video that was taken from a jet aircraft of a square cloud in 2015.

Sonofmabarker called the square cloud “very strange” and “just bizarre,” and also asked viewers of the 60-minute video what would cause straight lines and 90-degree angles in clouds. Comments were mixed on the 2015 video of the square cloud, ranging from the photo had been photoshopped to “nature did not form this.”

Comments are also mixed on the most recent video of the square cloud that was captured over Tucson, Arizona. The previously-mentioned article on the International Business Times describes the cloud as “perfectly cut to the shape of a square” that spans “across much of sky.” The video was obviously taken from a mobile phone and doesn’t show the entire square cloud in one solid clip, but, rather, through a series of video frames “as the camera pans around,” according to the article on the Express.

Several different theories, mainly conspiracy theories, speculate that the square cloud is man-made through a weather control program by the U.S. government — more specifically, the early ’90s High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, also known as HAARP, that was funded by two branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

HAARP has since moved to the University of Alaska Fairbanks to continue to study the layer of the earth’s atmosphere called the ionosphere, and comments suggest that the square cloud in the recent video is the product of alleged programs to control the weather. Weather modification theories and government-run programs have been around and in use for nearly the last 100 years, mainly to increase precipitation, according to a history of weather and climate modification that’s published on the National Science Foundation.

Critics of HAARP continue to accuse the research program of trying to “weaponize” artificially-created weather, and one comment on the square cloud video out of Arizona says that “they are making significant progress in the handling of clouds,” as noted by the Express.

However, the International Business Times reports that “experts say that square clouds are a natural phenomenon,” while others speculate the video of the square cloud was manipulated and simply a hoax created by computer-generated imagery, which has reportedly been done before using iPhone footage and a digital visual effects program, according to the Express.