‘Aquaman’ Trailer Not Coming Anytime Soon, Reveals James Wan

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Superhero movie enthusiasts have been waiting for a new trailer of Aquaman ever since its filming wrapped up last year. In fact, fans were expecting to see the much-awaited teaser at the recent WonderCon 2018, but nothing was seen. So, in a series of tweets on Saturday, the DC movie’s director James Wan revealed that there will be no trailer for the Jason Momoa movie dropping anytime soon.

“Hey friends, I usually do my best to avoid internet noises (especially fabricated distractions) but a teaser-trailer going out this weekend was never in the books,” the 41-year-old filmmaker confirmed. Evidently, there was no Aquaman trailer dropped over the weekend.

However, Wan didn’t blame anyone or anything for the Aquaman trailer’s delay. In fact, he takes the full responsibility why fans haven’t seen any teaser for the film. The Conjuring director said that there are no other reasons holding the clip back from being seen, but just simply him.

“I am simply not ready yet to share,” he said. Wan even used “oceanic puns” to describe the Aquaman trailer’s delay. He explained that the movie is full of “gills” because of its epic visual effects and even pictured its process like a real sea-slug because it is “slow and laborious.”

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As a matter of fact, he admitted that even the simple shots for the trailer take a lot of time to do. Another reason that Wan is not yet releasing an Aquaman trailer is that he want to avoid putting out anything that will be interpreted to be below average level.

In his third tweet, Wan perfectly knows that fans might think that they are not doing anything to give them a glimpse of Jason Momoa’s much-awaited movie. But, he assured everyone that they are continuously working hard to give them what they want.

Surely, Aquaman will be very interesting as teased by Wan in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year. Although Arthur Curry is often the “joke of the comic world” and a character that everybody is making fun of, the Insidious filmmaker believed he is really cool.

So, it looks like fans still have to wait a little longer to see Aquaman’s official trailer. The viewers will finally witness Jason Momoa in action as the telepathic ruler of Atlantis when the film hits theaters on Dec. 21.