Ryan Gosling Calls His Abs ‘Pets’ Because Of All The Care They Require

Ryan Gosling revealed that he calls his abs “pets” and has a pretty average workout routine to keep them in top shape.

Speaking to Australia’s Herald Sun, Gosling revealed that he calls his abs “pets” because of all the care they need to keep in shape.

“And it’s really quite pointless, because you go to a gym and you lift a heavy thing so a muscle grows, but the only thing the muscle can actually do is to lift that heavy thing,” Gosling joked.

Gosling added that he’s come to think of his abs not as part of his body but more like a dog or cat that he’s got to take care of, Access Hollywood noted.

“After a while they’re like pets because they don’t do anything useful. But you have to feed them and take care of them otherwise they’ll go away. I feel a bit goofy having them, to tell you the truth,” he said.

Ryan Gosling’s abs — and the rest of his body — have actually gotten a lot of attention this week. Not only does he star in the new movie Gangster Squad, but he’s also drawing the attention of a fellow Hollywood star. Actress Anna Kendrick shared a racy tweet about Gosling that got her more than ten thousand retweets.

She tweeted on Monday:

“Ugh – NEVER going to a Ryan Gosling movie in a theater again. Apparently masturbating in the back row is still considered inappropriate.”

Do you think it’s silly that Ryan Gosling calls his abs “pets”?